Brisbane Indian Times, Queenslands first free multicultural newspaper in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern Queensland.


Why advertise with Brisbane Indian Times?

Brisbane Indian Times understands the importance of  allocating your advertising budget to the correct medium. We are proud to offer our clients maximum exposure!

When deciding where to allocate your advertising dollar you should consider the following;

     * Exposure - There is no point advertising if only a handful of people are going to see it, your business will not reap the rewards nor see a return in your investment. Brisbane Indian Times has over 450 distribution points with guaranteed delivery to all outlets and to ensure that, the newspaper is professionally delivered by a Courier Service.

     * Online exposure - all advertisers receive a free listing in the business directory (run on lines) on our website  for the term of their advertising.

     * Online exposure - Readers can download a copy of the latest issue. The online copy is also emailed out to our data base prior to the hard copy being distributed to the shops.

      * Reliable, confidential service you can trust - Starting in September 2003, Brisbane Indian Times has served the multicultural community with dedication and professionalism. Understanding the importance of protecting your privacy / future plans etc, BIT staff keep all your information confidential and do not discuss your information with any other client nor personal contact. As an advertiser you need to know that your information is safe at all times, generally if someone is talking to you about anothers business then they are also talking about your business to others.

     * Encompassing all communities / religions / professions, Brisbane Indian Times offers advertisers a wide range of prospective clients.

Balanced content: Brisbane Indian Times focuses to deliver a newspaper that is of benefit to both the advertiser and the reader. With that in mind we ensure that every issue has a balanced ratio of editorial to adverts. Research shows that readers are more inclined to pick up a publication that has more editorial content and that adverts are more noticeable when placed by an editorial. Feedback from advertisers has shown that their advertisement in Brisbane Indian Times has generated a higher rate of interest than any other similar publication.

More bang for your buck!! - Advertisers should be aware of the exact space they are paying for, different publications have different advert sizes. Although offered as ½ page or full page etc, it is worth taking into consideration the actual advert size. Are you receiving the best rate for cm’s allocated? Being a traditional newspaper and not a magazine our advert sizes are larger than other similar publications! A full page is exactly that - 38cm height x 26cm width, utilising the entire page space and not leaving large white borders around the advert! This follows on with all other advert sizes. 

Advertisers who place 5 consecutive adverts receive *10% discount off on the placement of their 6th advert.  All advertisers receive a free business directory listing (run on lines) on our website regardless of term of contract.  

Real Estate AdvertisersReal Estate advertisers will receive 10% off the advertised rate when their advert appears in the Real Estate Section.  For more details please contact our office.