From birth, we were never promised of a trouble-free life.   There are challenges in everyone’s life and some challenges may seem beyond our capabilities from where we are.   Simply a child one day becomes parent, but he/she can’t see this capability as a child.  Man never thought he could fly, and he did.  Challenges are there in life to test our limits and understandings.

Today we stand in another Tsunami. The COVID-19 situation has brought the world to a standstill.

Humans have already begun to protect and manage the spread of the virus by sacrificing their way of living; Reducing or stopping social interactions, businesses, productions, movements, wearing of mask and many other protections as well as placing themselves under isolation.  Countries have set up partitions to protect their people and the world started to be divided very early.  The blame game also started to play up.

Two weeks ago, I found myself in a dilemma on how to reach home from Seychelles, looking at countries which will let me pass through or transit points. I was stopped at airport from travelling when restrictions started to change and take place daily. The airline staff had no prior notice and each day, another country started to isolate itself from outside.  Humans were clearly getting divided, and countries stopped welcoming people from other countries.  Each country had its priority in protecting its own people. Entering homeland as a potential carrier of the virus, I had to serve stay home notice for two weeks. In these two weeks, I just became an observer.

The world population had become fearful. The media, including social media, carried so much coverage of this virus that a general feeling of fear began spreading in the world.   The fear of the virus began to infiltrate our mind. We live in a society and all of us get thoughts.  But when the whole population started getting similar thoughts of fear, a major Thought Pollution is created. Anyone coming into a populated area starts picking up the thoughts of fear. A fearful person cannot fight a battle nor can they live a life in peace.  Everyday events can also set us in fear and worry. There is nothing to worry about; what is in the past is gone and what is in the future has not yet happened. Worrying does not change our life either. It can create depression. In our life challenges, we must live, work and carry ourselves without fear. While countries in the world work towards the limitation of various environmental pollutions, there will be a day they will investigate this Thought Pollution.

In today’s highly communicative environment, the information moves and multiplies very fast. The best sellers are the negative news, tragedies, gossips, crimes, juicy or bad news. To compound this matter worse, we have fake news. For every positive story, we probably find more than 10 times negative stories. The negative stories sell well and people further thread them in social media.

Nowadays, most of us don’t give ourselves a chance to begin our day with a freshness of feeling good.  We tend to walk right into a negative thought environment. Imagine yourself waking up and walking into dusty streets every day of your life. This is where we are now in this Thought-Polluted Environment. The COVID-19 was an extreme case of thought pollution and now people are caught up in the fear. A fear that not only inspires other negative human characteristic but also make us weak for battle.

How do we clean these thoughts and save ourselves from the thought pollution?

There are many ways given if you search the internet. Firstly, move out of the ambit of fear.  Believe in yourself, that you don’t have to fear this situation. People are recovering from the virus, hence why allow fear to cripple us. By accepting this, we move confidently with protection as necessary. Read what is necessary and avoid engaging in negative news and thoughts. Leave the emotion out of the messages you read. Stop gathering rubbish knowledge and thoughts.   For those who are wanting to be the first to transmit a latest news and become a social media champ, just think what rubbish you are dumping out there. There is a dustbin in every computer and handphone. You need to find a dustbin and empty our mind to refresh. This is only a start.

There are people who look at someone else to blame. Why do we need to do this? If we harness and propagate negativity in our life then in the process, we create a magnetism for negativity to hit us.  Thus, we really don’t have to look elsewhere for accountability.  Nature is so complicated that things happen for a reason. A tsunami takes place from an earthquake. A storm comes when the nature has its need to release. Humans also create the negative environment where bad things merge to take place. When these things take place, we accept that it has taken place and work out a plan to go through life. Blame has no part in our life journey as it is a past event. If one wishes to live in the past and haunt the reasons for no good reason, they are wasting time and energy. We should learn not to make the same mistake and take the experiences in our journey. You grow into a balanced person if you ACCEPT the situation, live and work forward in your life.

ACCEPT the events as experiences for learning in your life.

Once we accept the situation, we start to look for the bigger picture, the next steps and survival. There is a saying that if a tiger chases a few people, you just make sure you are not the last. But in life, it is never like that.  You would not be able to live with the fact that you sacrifice your friend. We have a responsibility within us to ensure everyone is safe. That’s the starting point of choices in life. The feeling for others being more than yourself.

Under these COVID-19 circumstances, the key question comes to a person on his job security.  Will he lose his job? When everything is shutting down for two months and going to take further 6 months for a viable direction, there are suffered losses to mitigate.     Already there are news where customers are telling the seller that he is not going to pay for the loss months or cutting their purchases. People are getting laid off. These chains of events will normally lead to someone losing their job. In a weak market like this it will be very tough for that person to find another job. Thus, we are letting the tiger have someone to kill.

If we choose to look from another perspective, then perhaps workers can tell their boss that they are willing to cut their pay to help company to survive through these times.  Employers can help their customers out with the savings and sharing of losses and move up the chain. A concept of keeping everyone temporarily safe by everyone taking a share of the losses. This is a management minefield, especially in the private sector.

In our lifetime, we did not have such an experience and go into suspension like the COVID-19 situation. Hence in this new situation, we will have to embrace a total new thinking on the basis of the survival of all. Survival now becomes a question of grit, faith and trust. A willingness to lessen each other’s burden and save each other. Our forefathers survived the wars with personal and country sacrifices.

When humans reach out and help each other and embrace each other for survival, irrespective of race, language, religion, country, colour or gender, then we are ready to move to the next stage.

An analysis of why we are at this situation. Humans have become more intelligent over the years but use their intellectual mind to continuously seek out for physical satisfaction.  Everyone is chasing after something, running around in circle without understanding their own life. Life seems to be about satisfying the need of some timelines, the human body and mind comforts. Now, suddenly the normal daily life patterns had to stop and many are confined to their private spaces.  In this private space, the use of IT communications increases, and smart-phones will happily announce the increase in screen-time usage. The longer we focus on the outside from where we are, the greater our feeling of being confined.

With some valid reasons, nature has decided on a way of making human understand life with this short suspension. When someone goes into trouble or hardship, somehow, they will reach out to someone they believe in for help. This is the nature of most human being. Like if you remove a candy from a child and hold on your hand, the child will most likely pay attention to you. Life lessons are simple, but we need time to be still and observe. If we wish to learn the lesson of why COVID-19 has come into our life, we need to take some time out in nature, become one with nature, become one with ourselves and in stillness, we get the answer from within.   The universal consciousness is always with us, but we are not connected with it. Hopefully during the period of isolation, everyone can put their need for the outside world away for a few moments each day and spend some time exploring our relationship with each other, our surrounding nature and our inner world.

Instead of being stressed by being confined in our private place, we can learn to look at things positively, remove our negativity, become fresh, accept the situation, forgive misgivings, love and embrace each other and spend time to find peace within us.

Written By: Soundararajah

The writer is a promoter of meditation and the journey to inner peace. Understanding the world away from the intellectual concepts.

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