By Mr. Siva Kailasam

THE Tamil Language Group of Radio 4EB is known as “Tamil Oli” celebrated their 30th Anniversary of “Tamil-Oli” Program on 17th of June with a range of cultural performances. This is a remarkable breakthrough and represents a great level of dedications from all of Tamil volunteer members since Tamil Oli program was launched on air, in 1986.

This celebration was held at the Cannon Hill Christian College Auditorium on the day (17th of June) from 5.30-7.30pm with 450+ spectators.  “Olirum Tamil Oli” was the theme of the massive milestone event. The main intention of the program is to thank and appreciate the great efforts of the people who started the Tamil broadcasting 30 years ago, nevertheless its very important to continue the great efforts without any break through all these years, to congratulate each and every one of them in the past and in the present who have contributed to bring the Tamil Oli to the successful level as today.  Special thanks to 4EB broadcasting for giving the opportunity and providing the right platform to grow the multiculturalism and various languages.

Few of the committee members of 1986 Tamil-Oli and founding members were present in the event to acknowledge the achievement of the past 30 years and Mr. Ratnam Kandasamy, who was the convenor of 1986 Tamil-Oli delivered a speech.  The chief guest of the function was Mr. Peter Russo (Sunnybank MP) delivered his excellent speech congratulating Tamil community and he has provided his support for the growth of the Tamil language. Radio4EB committee members, staff and board of directors were took part in the 30th anniversary celebration.

The program is supported by the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Fund, sponsorship from organisations, individuals and political leaders along with the media supports and Best Wishes from various community organisations. The cultural performances performed by various organisations, individuals, dance and music schools were extradionary, the audiences enjoyed every moment of the performances. In a nutshell, the event was an evening filled with festivities that brought together better community engagement and opportunities to develop community harmony, networks with ethnic and non-ethnic members from our community.

The quality and popularity of the Tamil oli program is supported by the listening hours on demand being significantly larger than any other 50+ community groups broadcast via Radio4EB.  From the data obtained from Radio4EB, currently Tamil-Oli is holding the top place in Global (No#1 Digital) and within top ten places of the FM98.1 (6th place) broadcasted by Radio 4EB in May 2017.  These achievements are testimony to the quality of the programs and the dedicated volunteer team whose efforts should not go without acknowledgement. The volunteers contribution apart from all the family and work commitments is very much appreciated. It is important that the cultural heritage of the Tamil language is preserved through this broadcasting.

On behalf of the management committee and the event organising committee, the convenor of 4EB Tamil-Oli Mrs. Remadevi Dhanasekar thanked each and every one of them for their support to make this event a grand success.



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