If you can read this article you can see . So you should be very grateful as,  357,000  Australians ,of whom 3,000 are children are blind or vision impaired .

Marie Younan  is  one of those Australians  and in her book “A Different Kind of Seeing.My journey she writes

  Those seeing  live in the light, while the blind  live in fog and  half alive “.

Marie knows what it is to be half alive for when she was a baby her grandmother accidentally blinded her. Born into an Assyrian Christian family in Syria in 1952 all  her life she could  only  ever see  a few vague shapes and colours. Even though she was one of 12 children , she lived a lonely, internal life with no playmates or schooling as no one ,including  herself,thought she could ever learn anything.   She said to herself “I will never read as I am blind “  fortunately her own strong faith in Christ helped her to face life’s challenges .

Marie’s childhood was so different  to the children at the Sharpe Memorial Blind School in Japura Uttar Ranchel State , India where my wife and I have stayed on numerous occasions .Here children are educated and even play cricket with a ball that has bells inside. So they “ see “ the ball  differently -with their ears !

Marie’s challenging life slowly changed when first  her parents, moved to Lebanon but,because of civil war there, were accepted as refugees in 1975 to Australia. Then, as Marie was also a refugee, was able to live in Greece  in 1976 and  accepted to Melbourne in 1978 .

Since then she has  painstakingly learnt to speak English,be literate in braille (the  language of the blind) acted as an interpreter with refugees and counsellors at Foundation House (Melbourne)  and be physically mobile using a cane . What inspiring  achievements !

What  we have to  learn from Marie is :

Problems in life can be overcome .

Be eternally greatful for your sight and health.

Being a woman does not make you weak

Having a strong faith in Christ will help in lifes challenges  .

This way we will begin to see life differrently!

Review A Different Kind of Seeing .My Journey . by Marie Younan .

Aus $24.25  Scribe Publications . Melbourne

by Peter Lane Rai

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