A veteran regional Queensland politician has resigned from federal parliament, effective immediately.

John McVeigh has held the seat of Groom, in Toowoomba, since 2016. In the 2019 election he won by a landslide, with 70.48 per cent of the two party preferred vote.

The seat was held by the Nationals between 1984-1987, Liberals between 1988-2007, and has been an LNP safe seat since 2010.

It’s understood Dr McVeigh said the resignation was due to his wife’s ongoing illness.

He has previously served as the state MP for Toowoomba South, and was a Toowoomba Regional Councillor prior to that.

His father, Tom McVeigh, was the member for Darling Downs, and then Groom, from 1972-1988.


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