NRITYA Bharati School of Kathak Dance is run by Namita Debroy, who has been interested in Music and dance from a very young age. She completed her Visharad in Kathak from Lucknow University. Besides dance she also has a masters in political science from Calcutta University, and a graduate diploma in International Studies from Sydney University.

The school held its annual dance recital on Saturday 5 August at Indooroopilly State School hall. Indian Classical Kathak was presented with live music accompaniment of Shen Flindell on Tabla, Joseph Nand on Harmonium, Darshil Shah on Flute, Usha Chivakula – vocals. The beautifully choreographed dance recital was themed a “Tribute to Lord Shiva”.

The choreography, costume design, dance and overall direction was by Namita Debroy, the show was compeered by Vinita Khushal. Honorary Consul for India in Queensland Mrs Archana Singh and Umesh Chandra, President of Queensland Multicultural – publisher of Brisbane Indian Times were guests of honour.

Despite many other functions in Brisbane on the night, the hall was full of appreciative audience cheering the performers especially the young ones. The performances included the new students through to the seasoned senior students. The show included the purely classical, performances with live musicians, fusion and contemporary style dances.

Kathak is among the six major classical dances of India, Kathak is derived from the word “katha” meaning storey telling. Kathak can be divided into Nritya, Abhinaya on one hand and Tandava, lasya on the other hand. Kathak is one of the world’s most ancient art form. A blend of Hindu and Muslim classical dance traditions, including plenty of vibrant colour and intricate footwork.


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