A4 Community Care Services Inc

“Building communities through love and support”


A4 Community Care Services Inc aWe are a provider of services to the community that focusses on bringing food to the table, offering support of a pastoral nature, and holistic development to those in need.
Our mainstay is to be a support for the community through the selfless giving to those in need. We understand poverty, destitution, need and hunger.

A4 provides free food, valued at between $250 to $300 for a nominal handling fee of $40 which is readily and appreciated by families.
A4 was originally started by a family who came out from Africa and who survived through the challenges faced by many new migrants. A4 has become an oasis of hope in this area. The vision that A4 has, which is to touch the lives of those who live on the wayside of society, people coming from other countries, struggling with and going through cultural shock. A4 feels that there is more to give, than to simply live in Australia and enjoy what this country has to offer. A4 has worked tirelessly for the past 17 years to enact and live this vision, to constantly be in a state of selfless giving back to the community. It is important for A4, in the first instance, to make sure that the basic human need of alleviating hunger is met for the community.

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We believe in:
A4 remains compliant in its adherence to every state and federal requirement for charitable organisations.

We believe in the sanctity and value of human life. Every human life is precious and needs to be valued and nurtured, which can become difficult if people are hungry. So, A4’s contribution to the community is to help to reduce hunger. We care for each other and for those in need. We care about adapting to the changes in society – as those changes impact the community.

A4 is a non-discriminatory, all-inclusive organisation providing services to everyone in the community, based on the concept of the Judio-Christian principle of “as you have done it for the least of these people, you have done it unto me”.

A4 provides free food, valued at between $250 to $300 for a nominal handling fee of $40 which is readily and appreciated by families.
The food pack generally resolves to provide for all meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Often, additionally including something for the children. Products are healthy, fresh and wholesome. Food packs always include meat or fish products, to ensure a main dinner meal for a family.

From its inception up to now (which is 18 years), A4 has not wavered in its determination to continue to offer services to and feeding the community. A4 started with nothing and can now say that they are feeding about 4000 families. Despite the many challenges, A4 wishes that they can do more. To continue to grow and keep moving forward, A4 is therefore exploring all levels of Government grants to move its operation to a higher level now and in future.
320, Rithcie Road, Pallara, Telephone: 0403645246

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