BRISBANE has become a hub of classical Indian music and dance; there have been many classical concerts to the delight of the music lovers. Students of Eswaralaya Kalaikoodam under the tutelage of Smt. Manga Surendran presented their Bharatanatyam Concert on 17th September at St John’s Anglican College, in Forest Lake.

The popular hall was full to capacity with music lovers, it was pleasing to see a professionally managed stage program with excellent sound and lighting.  Guru Smt Manga Surendran is much disciplined, hence the program ran on time, one of the dance students commented that Guru Smt. Manga Surendran still observed the age old tradition of maintaining high standards and seeking blessing before the performance.

There was no door sales of tickets, all tickets were presold and well managed with food vouchers for the food served in the interval. Presentation slides displayed the names of the participants of the dances and sponsors.  Smt Manga Surendran presented plagues to all participating students


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