Australian Indian Radio Facebook live has had so many meaningful and insightful interviews, here’s an uplifting and inspiring interview conducted by Umesh Chandra OAM on Saturday 6th June, the interview got over 11,000 views.

An uplifting story on a young girl from Balaclava, Melbourne who not only conquered a heart transplant as a baby, but now as a toddler, is fighting cancer following organ transplant complications:

3 y/o Aru Rathod and her parents, Smital and Kiran, shared their story to help us raise awareness for starlight Children’s foundation Tax Appeal, in market now until June 30:

Aru is still undergoing treatment at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville and while visiting for outpatient clinics currently, relies on our Captain Starlights to lift her spirits during an otherwise stressful time.

Back when waiting for her heart transplant for an agonising six months, Aru discovered Starlight when the Captains would visit her on the ward where she was strapped into life-saving equipment, compromising her mobility. The Captains immediately helped pick up Aru’s spirits with their shared love of music and dancing, and she now considers them her “favourite people”.

In fact, now whenever Aru’s back in hospital for treatment, she expects to visit the Captains as her “treat after treatment” spending hours enjoying their positive distraction and play therapy techniques!

Excitingly, Aru also received her Starlight Wish – a new iPad, accessories and Paw Patrol merchandise/games to keep her entertained during isolation.

Considering the current climate, Starlight needs support from the public now more than ever to help raise funds to keep our vital hospital services running – especially with visitor restrictions tightened and our children’s hospitals busier than ever. Happiness matters to sick kids now more than ever. We’re asking the public to help us raise $355,500 by June 30 to allow us to continue to bring happiness to seriously ill and immunocompromised children like Aru.


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