This mantra states that sages, wise persons and those desirous of bliss join their soul including the mind, and intellect with the Supreme Sage God so that the mind becomes tranquil and the person becomes blissful and enlightened with spiritual knowledge directly from God, the Source of all true knowledge. This conscious joining of the soul with Supreme Consciousness i.e. God is true Upasana or yoga, everything. Sages and wise persons have been doing such Upasana since time immemorial.

This mantra emphasizes that joining both the mind and the intellect to God is important. The mind is prone to all kinds of flights of imaginations and ideas as well as prone to blind faith and belief in all kinds of miracles promoted in the name of religion. Such blind faith in religion, however, often takes people astray and away from the truth, unless one also exercises intellect and common sense to differentiate right from wrong as well as what is plausible and what is unbelievable. The politically correct thing regarding religion, in many circles these days, is not to critically look at anyone’s beliefs regarding God, especially one’s own religion. However, until one starts to combine wisdom and common sense with faith and devotion, one is very likely to be misdirected in one’s journey towards God i.e. Ishwar-Stuti-Prarthana-Upasana.

In the second line, this mantra emphasizes there is only One God who may be called by different names but nevertheless remains only One. In this mantra, God is called Savita-the Creator of the universe and who as the inner voice of the soul, inspires us to follow the right path. He alone is the Supreme Divine Being who alone knows the karma (deeds) of every person and appropriately judges and rewards them. His greatness and praiseworthiness is endless, words are inadequate to describe it all. Sages (yogis) completely surrender themselves to God and do all their deeds in His service in a selfless manner. They do not get attached to money or material wealth but share it with others in a generous manner. This is the path to attain God and bliss, the aim of Upasana meditation or true yoga.

Traditionally, Ishwar-Stuti-Prarthana-Upasana are performed two times a day, at dawn as well as at dusk. If dusk is not a suitable time, then the bedtime hour is acceptable. It is recommended that one should try to spend at least half an hour at each session in a quiet area of the house and avoid all distractions. If a person thinks that he/she cannot even spare half an hour from daily affairs, this individual needs to review his/her priorities to determine why it is not possible. If he/ she determines that certain personal or financial responsibilities are too great so that he/she cannot genuinely spare the half-hour of time, then any amount of time is worthwhile.

The personal spiritual rewards gained from the limited time spent in earnest will usually far outweigh those obtained from time devoted to secular affairs. As a person advances in Upasana he/she is able to spend many hours at a stretch meditating about God. Also, He/she remains aware of God’s presence even while performing the daily activities of life.

When performed in quiet solitude with faith and devotion, will help one obtain God’s grace and he/she will find peace, joy and bliss in life. One’s self-confidence and courage are also tremendously strengthened but not in an egotistical way. Stuti-Prarthana-Upasana helps one distinguish right from wrong and to follow the right path as well as seek truth without fear.

Praying will often open a clear path when one is lost in a jungle of choices and distractions. A true devotee makes constant effort to improve his/her spiritual knowledge, contemplate on it and then live accordingly in a virtuous manner. A spiritually advanced person only prays for God’s grace and the well-being of mankind. He/she does not pray for specific personal gains or for material wealth because God will give all of us what we need. Therefore, such a person prays only to follow God’s will and to do God’s work with a prayer such as, “Dear God, Thy will be done.”

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