BRISBANE, King George Square is where one hundred and seventeenth birthday of the Australian Flag was celebrated. Australian National Flag is 3rd of September; the day has been long celebrated by National Flag Association of Queensland and for the last five years brisbane City Council has come on board to support the and co host the celebration.

Councillor Angela Owen, Chairperson of Council welcomed everyone one behalf of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Senator James McGrath, senator for Queensland read the message from The Prime Minister of Australia the Honourable Scott Morrison . Mr Allan Pidgeon, president of National Lfag Association of Queensland spoke on the importance of the day and he especially made reference to the five winners of the flag design competition in 1901, one of the winners was on fourteen year of age.

Australian Flag is the only flag to fly over an entire continent, and was the first national flag chosen in a public competition. The winning design was unveiled by the wife of the first governor-General at a ceremony held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne on 3rd September 1901.

The Southern Cross, formally known as “Crux Australis” is a constellation that can be seen only in the night skies of the Southern Hemisphere. The individual stars are named by the first letters of the Greek Alphabet- Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.

The army band played the National Anthem and the marching music for the arrival of the flag; invited guests who included members of Lord Mayors Multicultural roundtable and students attended a morning tea reception in the Balmoral Room of city Hall.


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