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BRISBANE Super Kings (BSK) is Brisbane’s first and only multicultural cricket club that was established in 2012 aimed at providing a platform for nurturing the cricketing talent amongst the local community of subcontinent origin. Ever since its inception, BSK has become the household name for cricket among the wider community in Brisbane and always strived to bring the people from different backgrounds together for one common interest, which is cricket.

BSK was inspired by the successful Indian premier league’s cricket team Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Just how CSK won the hearts of millions of crickets lovers, BSK is on the same track to create a cult of among locals in Brisbane. BSK welcomes anyone who has love for the game irrespective of age, race, and competency.

Over the 5 years in operation, BSK has secured itself a spot in the Australian cricketing calendar every year with its annual tournament that brings a rainbow of teams across Brisbane.  The 5th Annual cricket tournament proved to be a success and demonstrated its evolution from previous years.  This year’s tournament consisted of 32 teams from multicultural communities; also as expected the tournament was well received by the locals, community members, leaders and government bodies.

This year grand final was held at the famous Tingalpa Cricket Ground on 22nd Oct, 2016 followed by a “Grand Award Night” at Michael’s Oriental Restaurant here in Brisbane, with Dinner, music, dance and also some motivational and promising speech from our guests.

The presentation ceremony was attended by elite guests and various community leaders including Mr Umesh Chandra, Mrs Usha Chandra, & Mr Ayyapann Kallidoss. Who wished well for the organization ever since the its first year. MP Duncan Pegg presented the winners trophy, while MP Steve Minnikin presented the runners trophy and shared their valuable thoughts about the importance of bringing the community closer and pledged their support towards taking BSK to the next level. The event came to an end with the vote of thanks from the president and founder Mr Sathish Rajendran.


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