A LITTLE over 5 years ago Dahrl Court began the journey to become an Indian Community in Brisbane that created a warm and friendly home away from home for its tenants.

Families with children from all over India chose to live in this private all-inclusive apartment based hotel because of the collective family style atmosphere that happened naturally when groups of people with a common thread live together.

In this instance having originated from India means all tenants share an understanding of what it is like to work and live overseas.

Dahrl Court Indian Community has families from many Indian states and religions all living harmoniously together.

CeeJay, the manager of Dahrl Court Indian Community had this to add, “We all look out for and help each other with integration into Australian life. I myself always try my best to assist with any questions about local Brisbane knowledge or customs.”

The hallways carry the seductive scent of home style cooking mixed with sandalwood and other incenses that we all know and love.

Being family oriented the hotel has children playing together, people cooking and sharing food, mothers getting together to share stories, and often the hotel has dinners hosted by families for birthdays and festivals where everyone has the opportunity to catch up, meet each other and network.

The community has its own team of cricketers that get together for a friendly game at the local park and bachelors get together to have fun nights of music, movies and sometimes even Bollywood style dancing.

“I believe we have something quite unique happening here in the centre of Brisbane”, said CeeJay, “I haven’t found anywhere else that has an Indian Community feel like Dahrl Court has.”

Situated right in the centre of Brisbane City in Spring Hill Dahrl Court is within 10 minutes walking distance of many offices and businesses that employ Indian nationals. For other suburbs public transport is a very short walk away.

Built in 1936 the building has a great history rooted in the formation of Brisbane city. Parts of the structure of the building came from the remainder of the Story Bridge and were placed by the construction company that worked on the bridge. The building is Heritage listed and built to last easily more than 100 years or more.

Recently as of 2016 the new Owner Alex D’Allura committed to keeping the Indian community at the property alive. “I myself have children and know what it is like to travel and live overseas. Seeing how Dahrl Court Indian Community is so close it warms my heart that people have found their home away from home.” Dahrl Court Indian Community is clearly here to stay.



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