Filipino-Australian Foundation of Queensland Inc. 2019 festival

The annual Philippine festival was held on 25th May at Sunnybank State High School, the festival showcases many cultures present in Australia, and cultural diversity is demonstrated via multicultural performances throughout the day. The significant part of the festival is the parade of nation, where couples representing different cultures show their traditional dresses.

Many food stalls create the real atmosphere of a festival, the layout this was well designed by utilising the terraces as seating for audience and moving the stage to face the terraces. The official opening and parade of Nation took place in the morning session, with many politicians and multicultural community leaders taking part.

The gala segment of the festival is the annual coronation of Ginoog and Binibining (roughly translates to Mr and Mrs) Pilipinas Australia. The winners are judged via a very strict judging process engaging eight independent judges, the event is very well organised and very credible in the manner that it is presented. Umesh Chandra, Louise Moeller and Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj were amongst the judges for 2019.

The driving force behind the festival are Mauro Somodio and Cecilia Somodio together with their hard working committee. Cecilia is the current president of FAFQ. The annual festival supported by Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government is normally held at Sunnybank State High School, Boorman St, Sunnybank.


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