VIVEK Perti from FinKonsel started his journey in 1991 as an auditor. The analytical skills helped Vivek obtain the P.G. Diploma in Business Management (MBA) and work with senior management in leading organisations like TATA Steel and SITA World Travel. Subsequent to migrating to Australia in 2004, Vivek acquired CPA status. As a student of the franchising program at Griffith University he realised that the key to success for small businesses is cash flow and their need for a good finance specialist. The desire to help others and use accounting knowledge motivated him to acquire the Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking.

As a mortgage broker with accounting skills, Vivek goes beyond the numbers to provide long term solutions for my clients.  Like individuals, every scenario is different and the FinKonsel team strives to provide a customised solution.

Loans are more than the all important interest rate. Advertised interest rates do not reflect the effective rates. In a July 2017 research conducted on major lenders advertising the same rate, Vivek found that over the life of the loan, selection of the right product could shave years off the mortgage. Results were shared on the FinKonsel-Mortgage Brokers Facebook page. We educate clients with product comparisons that assist them decide better and look beyond advertisements.

We encourage clients to record their daily expenses for a few months before applying. This helps understand commitments and identify wasteful expenses that can be eliminated. Vivek has learned this discipline delinks the pressure brought by emotions of buying the first home, save more and assist identify the suitable loan at an appropriate LVR.

People believe the strength of businesses lie in its financials. Business owners know they have a story that extends beyond numbers. We use accounting and non financial skills to understand the story and work with clients to select the right product. Recently, Vivek assisted a client refinance commercial and business loan to a lender who provided 24 year loan with no annual review. In another scenario, he helped a business obtain a simple unsecured loan for 1 month to meet short term commitments.

At FinKonsel we enhance customer experience through education while providing customised financial solutions.

Contact Vivek on 0415675780 / or follow on Facebook

Vivek Perti is a Credit Representative 473246 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence 389328.

Disclaimer statementYour full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.



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