G20 Interfaith Summit pre-conference was held at Pacific Theological College in Suva Fiji from second till fourth May. The summit began with a traditional feast and friendly Fijian welcome including the Island style song and dance.

Worldwide, there is increasing recognition that faith and religion play a vital role in promoting peaceful and harmonious relationships within and between nations. However, there are few examples of positive contributions faiths and religions make to social well-being and on policies that impact national and international communities. The G20 Interfaith Summit was a forum where these contributions were highlighted and will be hopefully advanced.

The Summit brought together opinion leaders such as scholars, lawyers and political leaders with faith and interfaith leaders from around the world for three days of discussion and dialogue as a substantive and symbolic contribution to the G20 forum.

This gathering showcased the academic, political and social contributions of various faith traditions and philosophies from around the world. It highlighted an important gap in the discussions of the G20 Leaders’ Summit. This conference strengthened social cohesion through the creation of opportunities for communication and relationship building between participants and raised the profile of faith and interfaith communities.

After the three days of deliberations, a conference statement has been prepared, the statement looks at Education, Economic Gr0wth, Climate Change and peace and justice

Conference delegates were farwelled with the very emotional performance of the Fijian Farewell song “Isa Lei’’. Dr Brian Adams, conference convenor had difficulty in holding back his emotions, while delivering his vote of thanks after the song.

Conference partners were; Griffith University (Interfaith and cultural Dialogue), Pacific Theological College, UNESCO, ICLRS (International Centre for Law and Religions Studies) and Victoria University of Wellington


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