GOPIO International Convention 2024 to Kick Start Opportunities for Diaspora Indians, Building India’s Big Future

GOPIO International Convention 2024
GOPIO International and Chapter Officials with the Convention Team at the Lamp Lighting Ceremony to Kick-off the Convention 2024 Planning

The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) International held a kick-off planning meeting to launch the GOPIO 2024 Global Convention of People of Indian Origin on Sunday, January 28th, at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey. The meeting was marked by the presence of GOPIO International, chapter officials from the New York Metro area, and representatives of community and professional organisations. The prestigious GOPIO International convention is scheduled for April 26-28, 2024, at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey.
The convention will focus on India’s Present and Future and what role the Diaspora Indians can play in helping to realise this desirable future. The convention theme is ‘Opportunities for Diaspora Indians in India’s Big Manifest Future.’ The New Jersey businessman, Prakash Shah, has been appointed the Convention Convener by the GOPIO International Executive Council.
At the launch ceremony, Shah said, “Lauding the positive, optimistic vision prevailing in India presents an opportunity to Invest in India, which provides the best and biggest opportunity in the World. The Bombay Stock Exchange has just crossed $4 Trillion and has overtaken Hong Kong to become the third largest in the world. While India needs the 35 million Diaspora to invest, it is an incredible opportunity for the Diaspora to prosper.”
GOPIO International President Lal Motwani, who had earlier served as the Convener of the GOPIO convention in New York in 2016, said, “We are doing this major event in the USA after eight years, this time in New Jersey. This is a big opportunity for our vibrant Tri-State Area and the USA community to participate and help with this significant event for the 35 million strong Indian Diaspora.”
GOPIO International Chairman Dr Thomas Abraham spoke about the history of GOPIO and its accomplishments since the formation of GOPIO in 1989, the implementation of the resolutions passed by the First GOPIO Convention, which included Dual Nationality and Voting Rights for NRIs.
Dr Abraham said, “The government of India fulfilled halfway on dual nationality by issuing an Overseas Indian Citizen (OCI) Card and voting rights for Indian citizens living outside India if they register at their home constituency.” Dr Abraham further said that the organisation was started 35 years ago to look after and campaign against the human rights violations of the Indian Diaspora worldwide and that the Diaspora has now achieved success in becoming political mainstream in most countries.
GOPIO International secretary Ram Gadhavi, who served as the Co-Convener of the First Global Convention in 1989, urged younger GOPIO members to become actively engaged and consider leading the organisation into the future. Gadhavi highlighted the importance of GOPIO chapters and explained the organisation’s intricate workings.
Five conference sessions are being planned at the convention: Diaspora Youth and Young Achievers and the role they can play in India’s Future and how GOPIO can facilitate their participation; Diaspora Women and their Growing Contributions in Various Sectors; Technologies and AI and other Innovations: Diaspora Indians Leading Research and Innovations; GOPIO Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Worldwide Networking of the Diaspora Businesses; and Medical and Health Issues and how Diaspora Indians can Participate in India’s Frontline Role in Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Medical Tourism and Propagating YOGA and its Benefits.

GOPIO International Convention 2024 - Building India’s Big Future

From left – Ram Gadhavi GOPIO International Secretary, Prakash Shah Convention Convenor, Lal Motwani GOPIO International President, Thomas Abraham GOPIO International Chairperson

A 50-member convention committee has been set up with Prakash Shah as Convener, Dr. Asha Samant as Co-Convener, Chitranjan Belwariar as Secretary, and Srinivas Akarapu as Treasurer. The Committee Chairs include the following: Awards – Lal Motwani, Finance/Fundraising – Siddarth Jain, Reception – Hemant Patel, Souvenir Brochure – Jigar Shah with Dinesh Mittal and Lal Motwani as an advisor, Volunteers – Bharat Rana, Publicity/PR – Rohit Vyas with Vijay Shah as Media Representative/Adviser, Registration – Dhananjay Desai, Banquet – Dr. Rajeev Mehta, Additional Trips and Events – Shatrughan Dawani. Vasu Pawar will chair the Conference Sessions for Youth, Dr Thomas Abraham for Diaspora Indians in Technologies and AI, Dr Asha Samant for Medical and Health and Prakash Shah for Networking Business through GOPIO Chamber of Commerce.
As part of the convention program, GOPIO is arranging a trip to Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Monday, April 29th, to campaign to the US Congressional Representatives on House bill HR 6542, “To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrants, to increase the per-country numerical limitation for family-sponsored immigrants, and for other purposes.” The delegates interested in supporting and travelling to Washington, DC, may contact GOPIO. Overseas delegates attending the convention are advised to register before an invitation letter for a visa may be sent out.
The nearest airport to reach the convention venue is Newark, New Jersey, and GOPIO will arrange pick-up at the Newark Airport if informed in advance. From New York City airports, John F. Kennedy Airport or LaGuardia Airport, take a shuttle to Newark Airport, the pick-up point. GOPIO Convention will include a fun event, with some side trips, including optional trips to New York City, Atlantic City, and Washington DC.
GOPIO is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, secular organisation with Individual Life Members and over 100 chapters in 35 countries, committed to enhancing cooperation and communication between NRIs/PIOs and the local communities and facilitating making tomorrow a better world for the Indian Diaspora and the countries they live in.

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