BRISBANE, GOPIO Queensland Chapter held a very successful welcome dinner function at Chawla Indian Restaurant in Mt Gravatt on 4th March.

GOPIO Queensland is a very progressive chapter of GOPIO International, which hold the now “Iconic” annual India Day Fair in Roma Street Parklands. The 2015 event has received a favourable grant from Queensland Government; this will enable the committee to host a bigger event. The date for this year is fifteenth August itself, being a Saturday the event will run little bit later in the night, the format has been changed a bit to allow for the official and formal part to be held little bit later on .

The welcome dinner attracted a good number of people in a friendly atmosphere. The dinner function was driven by Manu Hingorani and Vivek Chopra who were able supported and assisted by the rest of the committee.

GOPIO Queensland has a reputation of incorporating music into their dinner function and this night was no different, with talents such as Yousuf Alikhan on board the expectation is justified. A fresh young talent was also discovered on the night.


Yousuf Alikhan highlighted the major projects for GOPIO Queensland; Robin Jaggessar unfolded a plan for GOPIO Business council while Amitha Jaggessar discussed the projects of GOPIO Queensland’s Women’s Council. Umesh Chandra shed light on the Global perspective with the emphasis of the regional growth.

Overall a very successful night, in a very friendly atmosphere with good food and excellent company.


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