ANNUAL Gandhi Jayanti by GOPIO Queensland was held on 2nd October at Roma Street Parkland. With predicted rain GOPIO committee had to arrange for marquees at the last minute. Councillor Angela Owen lent three Marquees and two marquees were brought in by GOPIO Qld members.

The event was held in Palm court between gate 5 and six close to Gandhi ji Statue, the media launch of Power of Peace Festival took place at Gandhi ji statue, following which everyone moved up to Palm court for Gandhi Jayanti

Vikas Sinha, Vice President of GOPIO Qld called to order at 10:30am and invited GOPIO Queensland President Usha Chandra for her welcome address. Usha Chandra welcomed everyone to Gandhi Jayanti and she thanked everyone for braving the weather to be present on the significant occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, an annual event of GOPIO Queensland.

Mrs Archana Singh Honorary Counsel for India in Queensland addressed the gathering and spoke on Gandhi Jis message; she thanked GOPIO Queensland for organising the annual event every year.

GOPIO Queensland Patron, Dr Maha Sinnathamby delivered a very uplifting motivational speech reflecting the values the Gandhi ji lived by, and the relevance of these values in the current environment

Kavita Khullar recited a thought provoking poetry delivered with conviction. Umesh Chandra founder president of GOPIO Queensland and life member GOPIO International spoke on GOPIO being the largest global organisation representing the Indian Diaspora

Pravinita Singh Pillay delivered a pepped voted of thanks, Hemant Naik and Usha Chivakula sand Gandhi Jis favourite Bhajans. Everyone was invited to offer floral tribute to Gandhi Ji.

The celebration concluded with light refreshments for all, the function was supported by FICQ, AIBC, Gandhi Memorial Committee, Queensland Multicultural Council, Power of Peace festival amongst others.

High commissioner His Excellency Dr Gondane in a similar celebration held in Canberra, urged those assembled to celebrate the Mahatma’s birthday by not just paying tribute to him, but by more widely disseminating his noble thoughts and ideals while committing to serving the larger cause of humanity. He said that Mahatma Gandhi advocated peace and non-violence during a period which was mired by brutalities, gross inequalities on colonized societies and two World Wars. The United Nations have rightly declared the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi as “International Day of Non-violence”. It was Gandhiji’s conviction that nothing enduring can be built on violence. Mahatma Gandhi gave stress on moral education, community work and struggle against political and social oppression.


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