Greater Springfield Kite Festival 2024 Soaring to New Heights at Woodcrest Oval Ground

Greater Springfield Kite Festival 2024 Soaring to New Heights at Woodcrest Oval Ground a

In celebration of Australia Day and Indian Republic Day, the Greater Springfield Indian Association (GSIA) proudly presented the second edition of the Greater Springfield Kite Festival at Woodcrest Oval Ground. This spectacular event transformed the skies into a lively canvas of colours, marking a joyous occasion for the local community.

Greater Springfield Kite Festival 2024 Soaring to New Heights at Woodcrest Oval Ground

A Vibrant Display of Colors and Celebration With a Live DJ
Commencing at noon and continuing until 6 PM, the Woodcrest Oval Ground became a bustling activity centre. Attendees were captivated by the enchanting sight of kites in various shapes and sizes gracefully dancing in the sky, embodying themes of unity and joy.

GSIA members

Diverse Cultural Experiences
The festival featured a mesmerising kite display and a blend of cultural experiences. A live DJ provided a lively soundtrack while traditional Indian food stalls offered delectable flavours. Vibrant stalls showcasing exquisite jewellery and local spiritual stores contributed to the mystical atmosphere, providing attendees with opportunities for spiritual and recreational activities.


Community Unity and Engagement
Local businesses actively engaged in the festival, creating a vibrant marketplace within the event grounds. Firms and representatives from Greater Springfield showcased their offerings, fostering a strong sense of community bonding and camaraderie.

Commendations from Esteemed Guests
Honourable Shane Neumann, Member of Parliament, appreciated GSIA and President Mukesh Dubey’s efforts in organising the event. Other distinguished guests, including Honorable Milton Dick, Honorable Charis Mullen, Mayor Theresa Harding, and Councillor Paul Tully, applauded the festival’s success and pledged ongoing support for future community events.

Greater Sprintfield kite flying

A Triumph of Unity and Diversity
More than just an event, the Greater Springfield Kite Festival 2024 became an immersive experience celebrating diversity, unity, and the rich tapestry of cultures within the community. The soaring kites reflected the elevated spirits of attendees, creating enduring memories for all.

Expressions of Gratitude and Future Plans
GSIA President Mukesh Dubey conveyed heartfelt thanks for the community’s enthusiastic participation, the unwavering support from local leaders, and lots of hard work and efforts by the GSIA team. With the resounding success of this festival, GSIA eagerly anticipates organising more vibrant and community-centric gatherings in the future.
The Greater Springfield Kite Festival 2024 is a testament to the strength of community bonding and shared celebrations, solidifying its status as a hallmark event in the Greater Springfield calendar.

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