His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami (Swamiji), founder of Samarpan Meditation, is a Living Saint of the 21st century, a pioneer of Samarpan Meditation technique. Having fully merged with the Divine Consciousness, He descended to the society from the Himalayan Mountains with a pure wish to make us experience and connect with Universal Consciousness.

Born into a Brahmin family in India, Swamiji displayed a curiosity about the existence and nature of Consciousness or God from His early childhood. Questioning the followers of the numerous religions, which he saw around him, He sought to know and find this knowledge.

This search continued throughout his early life and in His meditation, three visions regularly came to Him. One was of the Pashupatinath temple in Nepal, the second was of a tall fair-haired ascetic and the third was of a little temple set on a small hill. Swamiji lived a normal life, completed a Masters degree in Business Studies and began to work as a marketing manager for a large company in Calcutta. Then one day His work took him to the North of India where an unexpected bank strike interrupted His business activities. So He decided to fulfil His long held desire to visit Kathmandu.

The following day after His arrival, He went to the Pashupatinath Temple. As He arrived He was met by an elderly man who approached him, addressed Him by name, and said that he had been sent to meet him by his Guru and had been waiting for Him for the past three days. Swamiji was amazed at this because He had only just decided to travel to Nepal on ‘the spur of the moment’. He went with the man on a journey until they reach a small village in the mountains.

On arriving at the village he was told to sit on a large stone and wait and at sunset a tall fair-haired ascetic came out of a nearby cave and approached Him. This ascetic was known as Shivbaba. Swamiji was amazed as this was the person that He had been seeing each day in His meditation.

He describes Shivbaba as being very tall and thin, of a fair complexion and with piercing blue eyes that He could not look into for long. Taking Swamiji into the cave, Shivbaba vibrated some water and poured it into Swamiji’s hands to drink. He then sprinkled some water on Swamiji’s head and put his hand on his head. As soon as he drunk the water, Swamiji went into a meditative trance for three days. When He awoke the Guru told him that he had been waiting for him for 40 years and that whilst in trance Shivbaba had transferred all of His knowledge to Him. Shivbaba was 96 years of age and went on to say that as he had completed his mission in passing on his knowledge and power to Swamiji, he could now leave this life. The next day the Guru died and after the funeral, Swamiji returned home and continued his life as before. He got married and had children.

After 10 years, another holy person, a Mahatma, came to His house and told Him that it was time for Him to begin His spiritual journey. Seeking the permission of Swamiji’s wife, He then took Swamiji away to the Himalayas. Over a period of many years, Swamiji was passed from one Guru to another receiving from each what they had to teach and their power.

There in the Himalayas, Swamiji meditated with Gurus, Siddha Yogis, Rishis, Munis, Kaiwalya Kumbhak Yogis, Buddhist monks and Saints, and with the High Gurus that exist there who communicate not with language but by vibration through meditation, beyond the need for language. There in the Himalayas, He found the full knowledge and enlightenment. Having reached enlightenment and merging fully with Universal Consciousness, yet remaining in the physical body, Swamiji chose not to isolate himself from the society as many beings who reach that level do. Instead He has come back into the society as ‘a pipe’, a channel, a means through which anyone who chooses can experience and connect with Universal Consciousness.

After descending from the Himalayan mountains in 1998, Swamiji started teaching the values of meditation to common people so that they too could achieve the bliss that he had experienced. Within a very short period of time, the values of Samarpan Meditation have spread not only to many villages, cities and provinces in India but also to foreign countries like Australia, England, Canada, Germany, South Africa, U.S.A, Singapore and Japan. People have made regular meditation a part of their lives, regardless of their religion or race and have been enjoying the Divine experience.


Samarpan Meditation is a simple way of meditation which connects us with Universal Consciousness. It is beyond the realm of religion and is practiced by people around the world. Samarpan Meditation is taught by His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami.

Samarpan means surrender (of negativity, of the ego and of thoughts of the past and the future) so that we may experience connection with the divine. When we surrender everything, forget our physical existence and identify ourselves as a pure soul, the mind becomes still, there are no thoughts and we are in a thoughtless state.

Thoughtless state is a beginning point of meditation. Meditation is an inward journey, journey from gross to the subtle. It is not possible to connect with the Divine as long as we identify ourselves as a body (with thoughts, emotions and perceptions at the surface of mind). We have to realise ourselves as a pure soul to get connected to the Universal Consciousness.

Meditation means to forget our physical existence completely and become one with the Universal Consciousness. At such a time we experience the pure joy as universal energy starts flowing within. Just as words are insufficient to describe the scents of flowers, in the same way the experience of this eternal joy cannot be expressed through words.

Samarpan Meditation is a practice which unites us with Universal Energy. With a pure wish you will experience the awakening of Kundalini Energy, the part of divine that is in each one of us. Then connecting our awakened divine energy within with Universal Divine Consciousness, we experience divinity and the process of inner transformation begins. Samarpan Meditation is a path of experience, meditate and experience an internal transformation.


Just as we have a physical body, in the same way, we also have a subtle body or energy body otherwise known as ‘Aura’ which is made up of our thoughts, and this has been validated today by modern scientific studies. There is enough evidence to justify the existence of bio-photons or electro-magnetic waves emanating from a living being that forms an electro-magnetic field or bio-field or Aura around its physical body. And this can be seen using Kirlian Photography, P.I.P Scanners or Bio-field Viewers.

It is also said that one’s thought process determines one’s physical wellbeing; and many illnesses manifest around 6 months after engaging in polluted thoughts. Thus, an Aura report of a person can give us much insight into one’s Aura and consequently into what kind of ailments one may possibly suffer from in the future. However, another aspect of an Aura report is the information it can provide about one’s spiritual state. Almost all spiritual leaders and saints are seen possessing a very powerful Aura often referred to as ‘the body of light’.

The image above shows Swamiji bathed in White colour and Light Violet colour, which indicates a deep spiritual state, of one who has transcended all physical/bodily feelings.


The Nepal Tourism Board has nominated and then appointed Swamiji as the Tourism Goodwill Ambassador for ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’.

Swamiji was felicitated on 6th June 2019, by the Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr. K.P. Sharma Oli, at the inaugural function of the Himalayan Travel Mart, 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

On 7th June, 2019 20 speakers made their presentations at the HTM 2019 and Swamiji’s session was the last one which started at 6pm and was attended by approximately 250 delegates from 42 countries. Swamiji spoke about his spiritual journey in the Himalayas and his search for God. Sharing his personal experiences, he explained that Yogasanas were just one part of Ashtang Yog and dealt with only fitness of the physical body. Complete yoga is connecting to Universal Consciousness through meditation. He explained the concept of the Values of Samarpan Meditation and then led the delegates in a short meditation session followed by a question and answer session.

To know more about Samarpan Meditation, visit www.samarpanmeditation.org or contact Hemang on 0406 311 992 or Dr. Charita on 0469 816 569, email samarpanaus@gmail.com.

In the current challenging times of the Covid-19 everyone deserves proper physical and mental health. In the view of spreading the mental health though the centres are closed our online  meditation classes are still going on for everyone. You can join our online meditation classes from the comfort of your home at 8.30 PM AEST by visiting URL: https://zoom.us/j/388954545 .


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