Manreet Kaur, is one of the most recent graduates of ACS Professional Year course.

Originally from Punjab, India, Manreet studied Bachelor of Computer Applications at University, and worked part-time in a bank before making to move to Australia to study a Masters in Information Systems & Supply Network Management at Griffith University.

Manreet thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of her Professional Year, Particularly the Internship aspect of it, as it aided in her achievement of her goal to gain practical workplace experience in the IT industry.

Due to her hard work and dedication throughout her Professional Year course Manreet managed to obtain an internship with a government agency in their Information Technology department. She says that her internship placement was “fantastic” and that she feels she “learned a lot and gained practical knowledge”.

She feels that Professional Year Program is highly beneficial to anyone studying Information Technology. She says the program class schedules were flexible with the options – offering both weekday class and weekend classes.

She would recommend her Institute to all her friends and insists it should be their first option because they “provide really good training and support for Professional Year” and the services provided by trainers and staff were really good additionally to this the class schedule offered by Indus as they offer a weekday class as well – not just on the weekends.

The ACS Professional year program is an excellent way to gain practical knowledge and experience in the Australian workplace while offering support and guidance to students to help them thrive at work.

Manreet strongly encourages her friends to apply for the ACS Professional Year Program as through the program, IT industry knowledge in Australia is provided and students are able to get good references and experience through the different internships. Manreet’s advice to fellow students is take your professional year study seriously, work hard, study hard and play hard.

Manreet’s success story demonstrates that Australian workforce offers equal opportunity for young men and women who are willing to work hard and put in the efforts to gain appropriate job ready skills by completing job ready programs like the ACS Professional Year have a great future in Australia.

Author – Ranjita Pillai – The information represented above are views of the author and the author does not warrant any information. All individuals are encouraged to make their own enquiries before embarking on any program or career options.


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