Mahashivratri at the Isha Yoga Center is a one of its kind event on the planet.  Devoid of ritualism, agnostic to faith and devoted to leveraging a celestial phenomenon, it attracts thousands of global visitors. The event commences on 11th March 2021 at 6 p.m. on the night of Mahashivratri and ends at 6 a.m. the following morning.

“On this night, the northern hemisphere of the planet is positioned in such a way that there is a natural upsurge of energy in a human being,” says Sadhguru. “This is a day when nature is pushing one towards one’s spiritual peak. It is to make use of this, that in this tradition, we established a certain festival which is nightlong. To allow this natural upsurge of energies to find their way, one of the fundamentals of this nightlong festival is to ensure that you remain awake with your spine vertical throughout the night.”

The celebrations are a unique and eclectic mix of art, culture, spirituality and an uninhibited celebration of life.

Spiritual possibility for all

The event is held in the majestic presence of the iconic Adiyogi, a mesmerizing 112-foot bust, the largest on the planet. Adiyogi, the First Yogi, transmitted to his disciples, tools and technologies to enable human beings to transcend their physical nature and experience their ultimate nature. It is this offering of spiritual possibility for all that Isha celebrates on the night of Mahashivratri.

Significance of Mahashivratri

“Why this day and night are held with such importance in the Yogic traditions is because of the possibilities it presents to a spiritual seeker,” says Sadhguru.  “Modern science has arrived at a point today where they are out to prove to you that everything that you know as life, as matter and existence, everything that you know as the cosmos and galaxies, is just one energy which manifests itself in millions of ways. This scientific fact is an experiential reality in every yogi. When I say “Yoga,” I am not referring to any one particular practice or system. All longing to know the unbounded, all longing to know the oneness in the existence is Yoga. The night of Mahashivratri offers a person an opportunity to experience this.”

An all-night cultural extravagance

Livewire energy encases the Isha Yoga Center on the night of Mahashivratri as people dance the night away in unbridled exuberance. Artists like Mohit Chouhan, Daler Mehndi, Parthiv Goel, Karthik and Ananya Bhat who have performed here have been stunned by the super-charged atmosphere that never dampens.

Maha Yoga Yagna – the Fire signifying the spread of One Drop of Spirituality for all

The Maha Yoga Yagna is usually lit by the Chief Guest. It signifies Sadhguru’s wish and Isha’s mission to spread one drop of spirituality to everyone on the planet. With the lighting of the Yagna, millions of Isha volunteers (Yoga Veeras) worldwide commit to teaching a simple but powerful 5-minute Yogic practice to as many people as possible. When integrated into their lifestyle, these simple practices have the power to enhance one’s experience of Life in all aspects.

Midnight Meditation with Sadhguru

One of the highlights of Isha’s Mahashivratri celebrations is the Midnight Meditation with Sadhguru. Millions of people – in person and virtually – have experienced the energy of this powerful process. Tools and technologies can prepare one to experience the explosive power and impact of the Midnight Meditation. One such simple but intense process is the Shivanga Sadhana, done for a pre-determined number of days (42 for men and 21 for women) and culminating on the night of Mahashivratri.


The Maha Annadanam, offered to hundreds of thousands of visitors, is a mini-event by itself. People from around the world contribute for the Maha Annadanam.

Rudraksha Diksha

Rudraksha literally means ‘Tears of Shiva’. The Rudraksha mala that adorns Adiyogi through the year is taken down and the beads are consecrated by Sadhguru and offered as Rudraksha Diksha.

This year, the Rudraksha Diksha is available through a pre-registration process. Isha will ship the Rudraksha (at no charge).

All night Satsang with Sadhguru

Sadhguru’s infectious energy engages the audience effortlessly through the night. His involvement with the proceedings is complete. Guided meditation sessions interspersed with his talks keep thousands of people riveted through the night.

A night of Awakening

“Mahashivratri is an opportunity and a possibility to bring yourself to that experience of the vast emptiness within every human being, which is the source of all creation,” says Sadhguru. “It is our wish and blessing that you must not pass this night without knowing at least a moment of the vastness of this emptiness that we call as Shiva. Let this night not just be a night of wakefulness, let this night be a night of awakening for you.”

Experience the grandeur of this Mahashivratri – the night of Shiva with Sadhguru. Join live webstream –  If you would like to receive the Rudraksha Diksha consecrated by Sadhguru, register here –

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