KAIRALI Brisbane, an association of professional people from Indian particularly from the South Western coastal state of Kerela. The group came together in 2008, but it 2009 and when the association was registered. Kairali Brisbane celebrates many of the cultural and seasonal festivals.

This year Kairali Brisbane held a joint celebration embracing the cultural diversity of Queensland and in effort of bringing communities together. The function was held at the modern facilities of Australian International Islamic College.

President Shaji Theckanath welcomed every one of the joint celebration, he was joined on stage by Councillor Charles Strunk, MP Peter Russo and Umesh Chandra for the lamp lighting ceremony.

Palani Thevar President of Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland also graced the occasion.

The stage items included many colourful performances by members of Kairali Brisbane, the young participants were specially thanked for their efforts alongside their parents and trainers.

Vishu is the New year celebration of the state of Kerala, according to the traditional Malayalam Calendar, Vishu is the first day of Malayalam Month of “Medam’’ which is the Indian astrological New Year.

Easter – Resurrection of Jesus Christ is widely celebrated and observed in the state of Kerala.


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