Kairali Brisbane’s Christmas and
New Year event shares joy and cheers

Kairali Brisbane’s Christmas and New Year event shares joy and cheers d

The holiday season in Brisbane, Australia, was illuminated with the warmth and cheer of Kairali’s remarkable Christmas and New Year events. With festive spirit in the air and hearts brimming with joy, Kairali Brisbane, one of the prominent organisations in Queensland known for its commitment to cultural exchange and community engagement, orchestrated a memorable celebration that brought together family, friends and community from all walks of life under the new leadership of Mr Tom Jose Anithottathil.

Kairali Brisbane’s Christmas and New Year event shares joy and cheers b

The event was held on the 20th of January 2024 at Logan West Community Centre, Hillcrest, co-ordinated by Mr. Jay Nair and Dr. Jaisy Arikkatt, captivating around 500 attendees. The event hosted dignitaries and community leaders, including Fr. Abraham Nadukunnel, Parish priest, St. Thomas, the Apostle Syro-Malabar Forane Church, Brisbane South, Mr James Martin MP, Member for Stretton, Mr Jon Raven, Councillor, Logan City Council, Mr Anoop Nannaru, President, FICQ, Mr Shyam Das, immediate past President FICQ. The Master of ceremonies, Mr Jay Nair and Mrs Ramya Vishnu, with warmth and sincerity, guests to partake in the joyous festivities, encouraging participation and interaction that enriched the communal experience. Attendees were treated to performances featuring mesmerising Margam kali dances, soul-stirring Carol songs, and Bollywood dance performances. Amidst the jubilant atmosphere and twinkling lights, Santa’s arrival added a touch of magic and wonder to the festivities, bringing joy and laughter to children and adults alike. The stage came alive with a Laser DJ show conducted by DJ Manu Anthony. The evening was filled with a kaleidoscope of talent and creativity. One of the event’s highlights was the culinary extravaganza, a five-course meal organised by Five-star catering by chef Tom that delighted the senses and tantalised taste buds. The aroma of spices mingled with the laughter and chatter of attendees, creating an ambience of warmth and friendliness.

Kairali Brisbane’s Christmas and New Year event shares joy and cheers c

“Our celebration transcends boundaries of culture, language, and tradition, bringing together people from all walks of life to revel in the joy of togetherness and shared humanity exclaimed. Mr. Thomas Jose Anithottathil is the president of Kairali Brisbane. “Through our events and initiatives, we seek to celebrate the richness and diversity of our tradition while also nurturing a sense of belonging and inclusivity that transcends borders and barriers.” Mr Shibu Eldho, Secretary of Kairali Brisbane, expressed his gratitude, stating, “The success of the event would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of federal and state governments, City Council, local businesses, community organisations, dedicated volunteers and performers who contributed their time, talent and resources to make this event a resounding success”.

Kairali Brisbane’s Christmas and New Year dance event shares joy and cheers e

As we bid farewell to the holiday season, the memories of Kairali’s spectacular celebration will linger in the hearts and minds of all who attended, serving as a testament to the enduring spirit of joy, generosity, and goodwill that defines the holiday season. In the tapestry of Brisbane’s cultural landscape, Kairali’s event has woven a vibrant unity and celebration, illuminating the city with the timeless magic of Christmas and the promise of a new year filled with hope and possibility.

Kairali Team 2023-2024
Kairali Team 2023-2024
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