KERALA Association of Townsville (KAT) Inc. organised an Indian dinner night and World Greatest Shave on Saturday 11th March at Lynch Family Hall, Cranbrook Townsville. 20 people from the Kerala Association of Townville Inc took part in the world Greatest Shave program, including the President of KAT Dr. Mohan Jacob.


7 people shaved their heads and 2 School kids (year 11) cut their long precious hair and donated their hair to Variety, a children’s charity to make wig for kids with cancer, and 11 people including a year 12 student and a university student coloured their hair.

The group received over $10,000 towards Leukaemia foundation’s World Greatest Shave program. This is the largest amount raised for Leukaemia foundation’s World Greatest Shave by a community group in North Queensland ever.


Julia Jacob and Athira Thomas (both year 11 students, who cut their hair received the highest sponsorship in the group). Member for Herbert Mrs Cathy O’Toole MP and Councillor Mr. Kurt Rehbein and Ms. Ruth Guice (Leukaemia foundation Townsville Coordinator) attended the event.  Over 300 people from all walks of life attended the dinner night.  The dinner was a 3 course sit down meal. The KAT also organised a cultural (dance) and music programs. So the attendees were very happy to have a taste of Indian dance, food and the generosity of Kerala community in Townsville.

To our best understanding, this is the 1st time an Indian association participated in World Greatest Shave in Australia, even though some individuals took part in the program before.  Also some other associations collected money towards the same program through food sale, but not directly involving in shaving or colouring their hair.  Those registered went out of their comfort zone to assist the Leukaemia foundation.


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