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AS majority of us work really hard to keep up with the bills, especially the loan repayments, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that We work for our Homes. But there is a Smarter Way around where you can make your existing house work for you.

Consider this scenario: Mrs and Mr Jo Blogg buys their Home for $400,000 with a modest $40,000 deposit. For the next 5 years they save really hard to bring their loan balance down to $300,000. Also, during this time their $400,000 worth of house has gone up to $500,000. At this stage they would have $200,000 equity in their house.

Now they can leave this $200k equity as is or they can make it work for them by buying an investment property, without having to put any cash deposit for it. How?

At Payless Mortgages we specialize in arranging finance for the purchase of 2nd, 3rd or even 4th Property by using the Equity in the Current Home. While you might have to chip in some money from your pocket every month to cover the gap between the rent received and outgoings but your real reward lies in the Capital gain in the value of Investment property. If you look at the property prices in Brisbane 10 – 15 years ago, it has doubled and assuming that it will keep going up that way, you stand to make $500,000 capital gain on a $500,000 investment in next 10 to 15 years.

Also, depending upon your personal circumstances you might be able to receive some of the money back in the form of Tax Refund due to negative income from the investment property.

While there is no guarantees on how long the interest rates will stay low however the current interest rates are the lowest Australian have seen in some 30 years.

At Payless Mortgages we currently have access to some of the lowest interest rates such as 4.17% per annum variable rate (Comparison rate 5.04% per annum). Which means on a loan of $500,000 your interest only repayments could be as low as $401 per week, which is quite likely to be lower than the rent you will receive on a $500,000 property in Brisbane. But then you have to allow for other outgoings as well. For those who would like to some certainty of repayments there is an option to fixed the interest rate term for up to 5 Years.

If you have been thinking about getting into an investment property the first step is get a pre approval. At Payless Mortgages we can organize an obligation free preapproval from the Bank, to confirm how much can you spend up to on the purchase of an investment property, by doing so you are well equipped to better negotiate with the Vendor as you know exactly how much you can spend.

Feel free to contact Prashant Goyal aka Sean anytime on 0424972727 for a friendly yet professional discussion. Alternatively email your enquiries to /

Disclaimer: We strongly suggest you to seek independent Financial and Legal advice from your Accountant, Solicitor and Financial Planner to ensure Property Investment is right option for your financial goals as like any other investment there are numerous risk factors involved.


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