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Meditation Workshop by H.H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji – Part 1

Meditation Workshop by H.H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji – Part 1

Year 2020 has been without a doubt one of the most difficult years that the human race around the world has had to face. From being able to openly go anywhere in the world to being restricted to one’s home within a matter of days, exposed how fragile our collective mental health is. In order to improve mental health H.H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji, founder of Samarpan Meditation have conducted regular meditation workshops online and free of cost all-round the year. In that spirit, to end 2020 on a positive note, an 8-day meditation workshop was organized online and free of cost. Thousands around the world attended the event and reaped the benefits of the teachings of Swamiji.

Swamiji started the workshop by explaining that there is a misconception prevalent in the society that Yoga means only Yoga Asanas. Yoga consists of 8 steps and Asanas is only the third step of the journey. The main purpose of Yoga is to connect one directly with Universal Consciousness. One should practice Yoga without any expectations and when practiced regularly it will result in all-round growth.

  1. Yama: Letting go of the bad habits.
  2. Niyama: Inculcating good habits and performing good deeds regularly.
  3. Yoga Asana: Postures and exercises that allow us to prepare the body to sit into a meditative posture.
  4. Pranayama: Controlling thoughts by regulating the breath.
  5. Pratyahara: Learning to keep attention within.
  6. Dharana: Practice of concentrating on one thing. Accepting Guru as a medium of Universal Consciousness.
  7. Dhyana: Meditation
  8. Samadhi: Merging into Universal Consciousness.

For a person living in a society, it is difficult to practice complete Yoga regularly. This is where Samarpan Meditation comes in. It’s not a meditation technique but it’s a value that a Guru instills in His disciples. Disciple can then grow this value by meditating for 30 minutes every day. By doing just this much, one automatically practices complete Yoga. It’s like taking a lift in a high rise as compared to climbing the stairs.

Swamiji explains that Samadhi is the state of Moksha (state of liberation) where one is free of all deeds (good or bad). This can be achieved by practicing meditation for 30 minutes with the feeling of surrendering (Samarpan) to the Guru. Swamiji urges that everyone donate at least 30 minutes of their day to Him for meditation. Swamiji further explains it can be difficult for most of us to sit still for 30 minutes and it would feel like a punishment for us. He says when any teacher punishes us, although it’s for our own good it is natural to feel angry. Similarly, one should get angry with Swamiji, curse Him a lot, abuse Him a lot but all while sitting for meditation for 30 minutes. This will allow one to gradually get into the habit of sitting still and eventually getting into a meditative state.

During the workshop, Swamiji taught us to look at the circumstances that life presents us with a positive perspective. For instance, He mentions that during this pandemic, society has faced a lot of negative consequences but there have been positives as well. Like it has taught us firstly, that our search for Universal Consciousness should be within and secondly, all humans are created equal and Nature does not discriminate. Also, during the pandemic, most of us have concentrated on increasing the immunity of the body but 90 percent of all diseases are mentally related while only 10 percent is related to the physical body. So in order to ensure that we are safe during these times, it is very important that we learn to meditate and start living in the present along with making sure that our immunity power increases.

Swamiji talks about the two levels of being, one is the physical level and another one is the soul level. He says that most of our lives are spent on a physical level where we are bothered with day to day problems. It is at this level where a human experiences all sorts of emotions and is affected by the outside world. Swamiji explains that meditation helps in transcending to Soul level where one is free from all bondage. It is a state of inner bliss. Through regular practice meditation, once we learn to be on this level, we won’t be affected by external circumstances that easily and even though we would still exist on a physical level, our attention simply won’t go into things outside of us and thus allowing us to enjoy inner bliss.

This article will continue in the next edition of Brisbane Indian times. But if you have missed the workshop, the videos of the 8 days’ workshop can be accessed by simply searching ‘Gurutattva’ on YouTube and look for ‘Mahashivir – 2020’ folder. If you would like to get in touch with us please email us at samarpanaus@gmail.com.


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