A MUSICAL evening, “Mehfil” concert was held on Saturday 23 May at BBQ Tonight Cafe and Restaurant. The program was organised by Mr Wasim Malik, Owner/Manager of the BBQ Tonight Restaurant at Upper Mount
Headed by music Guru Ustad Rahim Zullah the musical troupe provided an entertaining evening of Ghazals, devotionals, Sufi, Punjabi, Farsi and Film songs.
Music lovers filled the restaurant to capacity and enjoyed the music and food.
The concert by Mr Zullah was excellent and beautifully presented in Mr Zullah’s magical voice. The patrons listened to all the songs with loud applauses. The songs were of a wide variety and range, and many requests were also sung and appreciated.
The accompaniment on Tabla was by Mr Shen Findell, Guitar by Mr Cameron Bower and the keyboard by  Omeed Tasnim added additional flavour to the program.
Omeed, a student of Mr Zullah, was also very much appreciated with his Farsi numbers.
On the whole, the evening was very enjoyable and entertaining.


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