By Anupama Jayanth, KSQ community member

KANNADA Sangha Queensland Inc (KSQ) was pleased to organise a fund raising event at Ganapathi Temple, South Maclean by running the temple canteen for a day on Sunday 1st of October 2017.

The community members of Kannada Sangha made generous donation towards the initiative and supported to the fullest extent that greatly facilitated to prepare the delicious food items along with Karnataka special cuisine and delicacies to the wider community of diverse culture that visits the temple. KSQ could raise good amount of fund to the temple.

The community members volunteered in cooking and serving the food to the devotees who come to the temple during the weekends and take the chance to relish delicious food at the canteen.

The volunteers thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the activities involved in running the canteen and shared their experience of having the ambience of wedding ceremony in India. They also said they are highly encouraged by the success of this event that they look forward to serve the wider community further by taking part in other initiatives.

The KSQ executive committee of 2017-2018 would like to thank all the members of KSQ for their generous donation and volunteering for their service. They are sincerely grateful for the temple’s canteen administration team for giving an opportunity for this noble deed of serving the wider food for devotees and also their assistance in smooth and successful execution of the event.


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