Courtesy Ramanathan Karuppiah

QUEENSLAND Day Community Award – Our Local Heroes was presented to Palanichamy O. Thevar for his outstanding contribution to the local and Queensland community by the Queensland Premier Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and Cr Milton Dick on Sat 6 June 2015 in Richlands.

This was a gesture of honour to show appreciation and recognise the immeasurable contribution of individuals to South West Brisbane community.

South West Progress Association organised and provided this award to the outstanding achievers (about 20 achievers) from the local community.

Palani is one of our community leaders, Past President of Tamil Association of Queensland and is known to many within and beyond Indian Community. He is very active among those in need and easily accessible to anyone in emergency need.

He is well connected with his Queensland community. He is passionate about Indigenous people and their welfare. He is able connect well with local and also multicultural community.

Palani expressed gratitude to the Queensland Premier Hon. Palaszczuk, Cr Dick and South West Progress Association, their encouragement and recognition for his ongoing commitment to help community. This is another encouragement for him to continue his community work along with hardworking community members across Australia.

Palani is continuously receiving congratulation messages locally, globally, in person, over the phone, through social Medias, television, newspaper. He was also surprisingly receiving congratulatory messages from work in the Department of Community, Child Safety and Disability Services and unknown people from people from various culturally and linguistically diverse background.

Due to limited invitation only family members and friends were able to witness this special occasion along with his wife Devi and his children Priya and Kaaviyan, some of his good friends Ramanathan Karuppiah, Deepa Ramanathan, Roshan, Victor, Jim and Jason among few those who attended this significant occasion.

Palani’s achievements include:

  • Helping to organising several fundraising events such as Disaster Premier fundraising dinner, dine for development, helping to organising international conferences one on Coping and Resilience in Griffith University with Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practices, other on Peace and Nonviolence with UQ.
  • Helping and assisting as a community leader for refugees works with various individuals and organisations
  • Crisis intervention helping several people with dealing with unexpected life events death, suicide prevention.
  • Providing free counselling, conflict resolution and mediation for people and group those who are in need.
  • Support individuals and families dealing with grief and loss.
  • Helping to raising funds for several situations such few thousands to up to 27,000 Australian dollors in critical situations.
  • Helping in dealing with family conflict and relationship issues.
  • He was award as an Ambassador for White Ribbon fighting against domestic violence.
  • He has been a nominee for Australian of the Year 2014 for outstanding community service.
  • Helping and supporting several multicultural events, festivals, fundraising etc.
  • Successfully running a communication network for Tamil community in Queensland.
  • Helped Hindu temple in South Maclean and invited government and nongovernmental organisations representatives to attend a significant celebration in 2015 and invited three levels of government representatives in Australia including the Queensland Governor, Indian High Commissioner.
  • Provide community news and be part of various panels in Australia SBS Tamil Radio and participated several 4EB radio program.
  • Helping and assisting individuals, families, groups and communities in general address number of issues and challenges.


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