EBAQ, Radio 4EB held its annual dinner and dance night on 23rd July at Marymac Community hall in Annerley, which has been traditionally the desired venue for this event. The dinner dance has grown in popularity and this year saw a record attendance, tailoring a program to please different cultures could be challenging, especially to these cohorts who hold their customs and traditions close their heart. The proven formula is that everyone enjoys cultural performances of other cultures but when it comes to dancing good old English numbers is what everyone prefers.

Umesh Chandra, a member of the board of directors was the Mc for the Night , the night began with easy listening numbers by Dj, followed by the ever popular band “The Cappuccinos”

The Cappuccinos are a dynamic and entertaining band with versatile music style ranging from the 50’s, 60’s, Jazz swing greats, Rock & Roll, right through to today’s Dance and Pop Rock hits. As well they had a broad Latin American, Italian and continental music list, which was Ideal for Mambo, Samba, Tango and Salsa or that smooth continental feel.

Cultural performances included; Nepalese Dances provided by The Nepalese Programming group, they did two dances a solo dance and group of three. The Nepalese Community organises a Dance Competition each year to preserve and promote Nepalese Culture.

Next up was the Hellenic Dancers, 1977 saw the formation of Brisbane’s “Hellenic Dancers”. Since then the group has spent over 30 years promoting and preserving Greek Culture predominately through traditional dance. As ambassadors of the Greek Orthodox Community of St George, The Hellenic Dancers are Brisbane’s leading professional Traditional Greek Dancing Group driven by a group of dedicated young volunteers showcasing their Culture all over Australia.

The Maori Group did a traditional Performance, The broadcasters from Radio 4EB performed a special song dedicated to everyone here on the night.

The special guest for the night was Serge Voloschenko, chairperson of ECCQ, President of Radio 4EB  Nick Dmyterko and Peter Rohweder station manager addressed everyone and showed their appreciation. Lucy Stewart, Board director and events coordinator called all the board members and their partners to join in a special dance on the floor. The event was well attended by many programming groups, their families and members, a very enjoyable night for all.


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