Rang – Colours of Indian Music – a presentation by Infusion

Rang - Colours of Indian Music – a presentation by Infusion b

Queensland Multicultural Centre (QMC) was ablaze with vibrant hues and resonant melodies on the evening of November 18, 2023, as Infusion – World Music presented “Rang – Colours of Indian Music.” This enchanting concert took the audience on a spellbinding musical journey, weaving emotions seamlessly with a palette of melodies and rhythms. The band consisted of 8 members: Ash Saroch (Vocal), Binny Jaradi (Vocal), Parth Raval (Keys and producer), Chetan Ramlu (Drums), Darshil Shah (Bansuri), Souvik Ray (Lead Guitar), Satheesh Bastiampillai (Bass) and Kush Sami (Percussion).

Rang - Colours of Indian Music – a presentation by Infusion d

The audience was treated to a unique fusion of classical and contemporary Indian music, masterfully blended to evoke a spectrum of emotions associated with different colors. Infusion – World Music, known for its innovative approach to cultural musical fusion, brought together a talented ensemble of musicians who showcased the rich tapestry of Indian music with a modern twist.

The concept of associating emotions with colors added an extra layer of depth to the performance. Each segment of the concert was dedicated to a specific emotion, seamlessly woven into the fabric of the music. From love to anger, nostalgia to unity, Infusion was able to take the audience through a journey like no other by a local band. Their vision was to present something completely unique and deliver international-level quality to their Brisbane audience.

Rang - Colours of Indian Music – a presentation by Infusion cThe highlight of the evening was the collaboration of traditional Indian instruments with more contemporary elements, such as keys, synthesizers, bass and drums. This fusion of old and new not only showcased the versatility of Indian music but also appealed to a diverse audience, bridging the gap between generations and musical preferences.

The concert reached its crescendo with a grand finale, leaving the audience breathless. The fusion of instruments, the interplay of melodies, and the sheer energy on stage were a testament to the musical prowess of Infusion – World Music. The standing ovation that followed was a collective expression of gratitude for an evening that was as visually stunning as it was sonically captivating.

Rang - Colours of Indian Music – a presentation by Infusion a

“Rang – Colours of Indian Music” was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of diversity, a fusion of cultures, and a testament to the universal language of music. Infusion World Music succeeded in taking the audience on an emotional journey, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to be present at the Queensland Multicultural Centre on this magical night.

Please follow them on their social media pages @infusion.au to follow their incredible work, or email them at infusionmusicau@gmail.com to book them for your next event!

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