Samarpan Meditation was founded by Shree ShivKrupanand Swami (Swamiji) in 1999 in India and in the past two decades this mission has spread to over 30 countries. Scores of people have learnt the simple way of meditation and gained the positive experiences. Swamiji has encouraged practitioners of this method to open meditation centres around the world where people can come and meditate and learn about meditation, free of cost. To make best possible use of technology and under the guidance of Swamiji, an initiative called Join Collectivity Online (JCO) has been launched. As part of this initiative, volunteers have organised online meetings via Zoom where people can join in and meditate online together as if they were in the same room. For more information, please visit Swamiji has placed great importance in meditating with a group of people because meditating for 1000 days by yourself is equal to meditating with 1000 people for one day. Followers of Samarpan Meditation consider Swamiji as the Living Saint of the 21st Century.

Life these days is increasingly driven by competition resulting in stress, dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment and due to these factors, it has become really hard for all of us to experience inner peace, happiness and satisfaction.

Now we will talk about one such possible way to overcome these factors through which we will be able to experience inner joy and satisfaction.

Meditation is a universal technique that clears one’s mind and connects one’s inner energy to the universal energy, leading to the pure joy go being one with universal consciousness and experiencing unlimited peace and happiness. Samarpan Meditation is an ancient, yet simple meditation technique developed by the Himalayan sages for the benefit of the common man living in society.

Samarapan Meditation is a universal meditation technique to connect with the universal consciousness, it is beyond the realm of religion and is practiced all over the world. Samarpan means complete surrender (of negativity, of the ego and thoughts of the past and the future) so that we may experience connection with the divine within our own self. When we completely surrender everything , forget our physical existence as a body and identifies ourselves as a pure and divine soul, our mind becomes still, there are no thoughts and we reach a state of ‘Thoughtlessness’ which is the stepping stone to our ‘Inward Journey’. Thus, Samarpan Meditation does not involve any physical exercises, and anyone can easily practice it. There are no restrictions of age, belief, background, or lifestyle.

Regular practicing of Samarpan Meditation brings about complete balance in one’s life thus facilitating growth of a person at the physical, mental, social, and spiritual levels.

Hereby, we are presenting an article on “AURA” Body of Thoughts… Continued

“Aura is defined as a subtle body or energy body which comprises of thoughts, while our physical body comprises of five elements of nature”

Scientific background and Validation of AURA by modern science:

We can find many scientific studies in the current era which support the existence of Aura. There are many modern technologies which help you understand and visualise the aura present in and around us.

There is enough evidence to justify the existence of bio-photons or electro-magnetic waves emanating from a living being that forms an electro-magnetic field or bio-field or Aura around its physical body. And this can be seen using Kirlian Photography, P.I.P Scanners or Bio-field Viewers. While positive thoughts influence one’s physical wellbeing by influencing the thought process of the person, negative thoughts influence the other way. If a person continuously engages in negative thoughts, it effects in the form of illness. Hence, an Aura report of a person can give us much insight into one’s Aura and consequently into what kind of ailments one may possibly suffer from in the future.

A Saint’s AURA:

Aura not only tells us about the positive energy around us but also tells us about the spiritual state. Spiritual leaders and saints always possess a very powerful AURA. It is often referred as “the body of light”

His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami is a Living Saint of the 21st Century and this Aura report by Aura Photo Clinic is clear evidence of His Supreme Spiritual State.

The above image shows His Holiness Gurudev bathed in White colour and Light Violet colour, which indicates a deep spiritual state, of one who has transcended all physical/bodily feelings. On seeing His Aura photo, the bewildered photographer asked him, “How is it possible that you are still alive?” He explained, “The report shows zero feelings of the physical/bodily state.” The photographer was puzzled as to how a person could remain alive with absolutely no sense of his physical body.

He further asserted that this is indeed an extremely unique, one-of-its- kind, exceptional Aura of a Divine, Spiritual Master. The violet light on the left indicates the ability to receive energy from the Universe, and the white light on the right indicates the ability to provide unlimited healing energy automatically to those who come within the range of His aura.

We are blessed to be always surrounded by positive vibes of Swamiji.

We are blessed to celebrate Swamiji’s birthday every year. This event is popularly called Chaitanya Mahotsav- Festival Of Consciousness. A live  Event – 7th/8th/9th Of November 2020

Background of Chaitanya Mahotsav:

Chaitanya Mahotsav event is a birthday celebration of Swamiji who is the founder of Samarpan Meditation. This is an event and celebration of high consciousness. The event will be live for 3 consecutive days starting from the 7th of November to the 9th of November. This 3 day festival covers the discourses bestowed by Swamiji and is followed by many cultural events.

Chaitanya Mahotsav is an amazing opportunity for all the beginners to join the collectively in which people across the world will be participating online. People can experience the subtle flow & transformation of energy by the medium of online live discourse by the founder of Samarpan Meditation His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami.

In this event, the flow & transformation of energy will not only heal us on a physical basis but also we will be able to achieve and experience spiritual heights.

Therefore, in order to get more information on this upcoming online event and discourse timings please visit our website and you can also follow us on Facebook and instagram to get specific timings about the discourse by His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami.

Please find the flyer below for more information:



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