Samarpan Meditation was founded by Shree ShivKrupanand Swami (Swamiji) in 1999 in India and in the past two decades this mission has spread to over 30 countries. Scores of people have learnt the simple way of meditation and gained the positive experiences. Swamiji has encouraged practitioners of this method to open meditation centres around the world where people can come and meditate and also learn about meditation, free of cost. To make best possible use of technology and under the guidance of Swamiji, an initiative called Join Collectivity Online (JCO) has been launched. As part of this initiative, volunteers have organised online meetings via Zoom where people can join in and meditate online together as if they were in the same room. For more information, please visit Swamiji has placed great importance in meditating with a group of people because meditating for 1000 days by yourself is equal to  meditating with 1000 people for one day. Followers of Samarpan Meditation consider Swamiji as the Living Saint of the 21st Century.

Hereby, we are presenting an article on “AURA” Body of Thoughts

We all know about our physical existence because we can see our physical body but most of us are unaware of our energy body which is a reflection of our thoughts and is called “Aura”.

Depending upon the quality of our thoughts, they affect our energy body which plays a significant role in building a healthy or unhealthy aura around us. For instance, we have seen people these days who talk a lot about energy and vibes. Even in our day to day life we experience that in the presence of certain people we feel calm, content and relaxed. We forget our worries and pain under the presence of these people and then we say that these people have really good energy and vibes around them. However, there are certain people with whom we get in contact with and start feeling anxious negative and depressed as they are always complaining, talking about negative issues and their problems.

Human beings now are more aware and can experience the positive and negative  vibes. However,  we have never tried to understand the factors responsible behind the positive and negative energy around human beings. According to the spiritual science the only factor that affects our energy body is our “Quality of Thoughts”.

If a human being has positive thoughts and has a level of purity in  their thought process, then the energy body will radiate a positive vibe which in turn  leads to a healthy and a sound Aura. However, if the quality of our thoughts is not good and if we are continuously thinking negative and have no purity in our thoughts then it will radiate a negative vibe which in turn leads to an unhealthy and weak “Aura”.

Due to unhealthy and weak Aura we are more exposed to physical illness and diseases. Therefore, it is very important for a human being to think positive and to have a level of purity in their thoughts, as it will help building a healthy and strong Aura.

It is very important for human beings to understand that Aura has a direct connection with our thoughts, and it can change frequently depending on the quality of our thoughts.

Aura provides protection on different levels such as physical, social, mental and spiritual.

1) Physical – Due to a strong and a positive electromagnetic field it will protect human beings from various diseases and illnesses entering in our physical body.

2) Social – It provides a sense of security and confidence and will protect us from the feeling of being lonely because we experience to enjoy our own company as a result of a healthy and a positive Aura.

3) Mental – It protects us from negative and depressive thoughts and safeguards us from anxiety and suicidal thoughts. We enjoy a healthy state of mind and stay balanced.

4) Spiritual – A healthy Aura is a performance indicator of our spiritual growth and therefore helps us in experiencing and achieving spiritual heights.

On the contrary, after reading this article about Aura people might be curious to establish the existence of Aura.  However, there is an “Aura” photography (Kirlian Photography) through which Aura can be tested and with the results of the photography we can come to know about our physical and spiritual state.

The benefits of aura is not only limited to physical, social, mental and spiritual level, but it also provides protection in our day to day life. Considering there is a lot going on in the world, there is a constant fear of being exposed to microbiological viruses, low immunity due to lifestyle, man-made calamities which includes accidents, transmission of various viruses and bacteria’s, terrorist attacks and natural calamities which includes earth quakes, lightening, cyclones and tornadoes, floods and drought. All these incidents and accidents can occur around you but due to a strong electromagnetic field your Aura will safeguard you from the effects of these calamities.

There can be no viruses which can be transmitted in your body because your own Aura will protect you and you can never be a victim of any manmade or natural calamity. This is a demand of the situation that we must understand and make ourselves aware of the benefits and protection provided by a sound Aura.

How we can build a healthy and strong Aura? As discussed earlier, Aura is constantly affected by our quality of thoughts. It is very important to pay attention to our thoughts and the type of thoughts we are generating. We all sometimes try to reduce the quantity of our thoughts be it positive or negative but we all know that we cannot control our thoughts by pressing a button or by taking a medication and therefore it is important to understand that there is a way through which we can not only improve the quality of our thoughts but we can also minimise the quantity of our thoughts and subtly reach to  a state of thoughtlessness. We can achieve all this by practicing “Samarpan Yoga and Meditation”.

Samarpan Yoga and Meditation: For the beginners, it is recommended to practice Samarpan yoga followed by meditation. Samarpan yoga helps in calming down the breathing process which in turn calms down the physical body. After your body is calm now it is ready to go into a meditative state. Sampan Meditation will help us in reducing the brain activities and slows down the frequency of thoughts. Practicing Samarpan Meditation everyday will not only improve the quality of our thoughts but also helps in experiencing thoughtlessness. Most of the meditators believe that experiencing a  thoughtless state is meditation but thoughtlessness is a state through which we start stepping into the meditative state. It is a very subtle process and in order to experience changes we must practice it religiously and very importantly  we should practice it without any “expectations.”

We should not force ourselves to Meditate when we are practicing Samarpan meditation because meditation is a process of happening, so let is happen by itself. All you have to do is practice and practice it without expectations. Practicing meditation without exception is the most important key in our spiritual growth.

In the end, practicing Samarpan Yoga followed by meditation not only balances our materialistic and spiritual life but also build a strong Aura which protect us and safeguards us from various diseases and illnesses as well as from natural and man-made calamities. Not only it will protect us, but it will also protect the people near us, around us and surrounded by us.

We will further elaborate on Aura in our next article.

Swamiji with his Aura:

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