Samarpan Meditation was founded by Shree ShivKrupanand Swami (Swamiji) in 1999 in India and in the past two decades this mission has spread to over 30 countries. Scores of people have learnt the simple way of meditation and gained the positive experiences. Swamiji has encouraged practitioners of this method to open meditation centres around the world where people can come and meditate and also learn about meditation, free of cost. To make best possible use of technology and under the guidance of Swamiji, an initiative called Join Collectivity Online (JCO) has been launched. As part of this initiative, volunteers have organised online meetings via Zoom where people can join in and meditate online together as if they were in the same room. For more information, please visit Swamiji has placed great importance in meditating with a group of people because meditating for 1000 days by yourself is equal to  meditating with 1000 people for one day. Followers of Samarpan Meditation consider Swamiji as the Living Saint of the 21st Century.

Sampan Meditation – Chaitanya Mahotsav (2020)
“A 3 day divine celebration of pure consciousness”
Samarpan Meditation celebrated Chaitanya mahotsav on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November. It was
a live online celebration in the proximity of His Holiness Shri Shivkrupanand swami who is the
founder of Samarpan Meditation. There were more than 1,00,000 people registered from all over
the world to join and celebrate this online meditation event which includes online discourse by His
Holiness Shri Shivkrupanand Swami, yoga session, cultural programs, experience sharing and
yajna ceremony.
“ Chaitanya Mahotsav”
Whenever the divine soul and a spiritual master (Sadhguru) have come on this planet, they have
come in the form of a human-being and their physical body is just a medium. However, this
medium also bring millions of soul who has been attached with him from their previous life & birth.
Thats why incarnation of such a medium is a big spiritual revolution because with his incarnation, it is a beginning of a new era and celebrating such a divine cause in collectivity and to enhance
receiving of spiritual energies and vibration level. Through the joining and celebration of such
divine event we can bring a balance not only on a physical , social and mental level but also within ourselves and to prepare ourselves for this journey we call it “ Chaitanya Mahotsav”.

Summary of Chaitanya Mahotsav :

Every year Samarpan Meditation celebrates Chaitanya Mahotsav and due to the pandemic this
year the celebration was online and more than 1,00,000 people registered for the online
This celebration was live for 3 consecutive days and it was telecasted on media platforms such as
Youtube & Facebook.
Everyday at 6a.m (IST) the day started with the online meditation in the proximity of His Holiness
Shri Shivkrupanand Swami. Thousands of people online meditated and experience the divinity of
meditating with the living divine master which is really rare these days.
Yoga & Breathing Exercises :
There were online yoga sessions through which people learned about the basic body postures and
breathing techniques which can help to go into a meditative state before they sit down to practice
meditation. Practicing meditation is really hard for people who has a continuous and ongoing series of thoughts and therefore with the help of yoga and breathing exercises it will help them bringing their mind in present by narrowing down their thoughts and then they can sit down to
meditation and not only that it will help them experiencing a good meditative state. It is
recommended for the beginners and for the people who have a series of thoughts since they wake
up till the time they go to bed again. It was explained that once you start becoming balance and
start staying in present then you will no longer be needing the yoga postures and breathing
exercises to experience a good meditative state because once you start staying in present then the moment you will sit down for meditation you will go into a meditative state.

Madhuchaitanya Magazine ( Spiritual Content )

Madhuchaitanya is a spiritual content magazine which is published every 3 months. It is purely
based on the spiritual content and articles. It also comprises of beautiful meditation experiences
from people across the world. It also contains details about the upcoming projects, events and
celebrations by Samarpan Meditation. We can subscribe it from any part of the world and choose
to get a delivery of a hard copy or you can get online subscription as well. you can take the details form the sampan meditation website.

“ Reading Facts Revealed” – (

According to the source mentioned above, Reading is the best source of reducing stress. In their
survey they found out that Reading, Listening Music , Drinking coffee and walking helps in
reducing the stress level in human beings. However, Reading is the best source out of the 4 as it
comprises 68% reduction in stress levels in a hunan being followed by listening to music with 61% followed by drinking coffee with 54% and by walking which is 42%. The most important finding from their study is when you read spiritual content & articles it relaxes the nerves and muscles and after you get deep into reading the spiritual articles not only it relaxes the nerves and muscles but also reduces the stress levels.

Therefore subscribing to magazines like madhuchaitanya or any spiritual magazines can help you
reducing the stress levels and they will also help you in bringing your attention in present.
Samarpan meditation is practiced world wide free of cost and people with different ethnic,
background and religion experience the benefits of sampan meditation on a physical, social,
mental and spiritual level.

During the discourse, His Holiness Shri Shiv Krupanand Swami mentioned about the change
meditation can bring in one’s life. when we talk to people about meditation or talking about it
people generally think its not practical since we live in the society and to practice meditation we
have to leave the society and go to himalayas. This is a general tendency of people when it comes
to meditation.

In samarpan meditation, you don’t have to go himalayas and leave the society because you can
practice it by being at your place and most importantly there is no requirement or eligibility to
practice Samarpan Meditation. Meditation is a process of merging yourself with the nature.
You can start practicing Samarpan Meditation with the way you are irrespective of the age, colour,
gender, background and ethnicity.

Kundalini Energy & Chakras (Energy Centres) : It is that innate divine energy that enters our body whilst we are in our mother’s womb. It enters through the crown chakra and passes through central channel of the body, energising all the chakras (energy centres) and settles into the
triangular structure at the base of the spine. Kundalini energy which is the basic life force lies
dormant within the body after birth. This dormant divine energy within each of us can be awakened through spiritual practices and its unlimited energy can be unleashed once again.
Necessity to awaken Kundalini energy : The kundalini energy is the vehicle for the expansion of
consciousness , enabling the individual to fully develop his/her innate potentials and experience
the divinity within. Upon awakening, this energy travels upwards towards the crown chakra via the spine, cleansing and clearing blockages in the chakras in the process. This in turn facilitates
spiritual progress and connects the soul to the universal consciousness apart from over all
improvement in physical health as a by-product.
Within Samarpan Meditation this energy gets effortlessly awakened simply through a pure wish
made to a divine, self-realised living master.
Requirement & Practice : It only requires half an hour of your time from everyday life and while you are practicing meditation it should be without any expectations. Practicing Samarpan Meditation without any expectations will result in experiencing higher level of consciousness and higher vibrational frequency.
Aura and Samarpan Meditation : Practicing Samarpan Meditation is not only limited to experience
higher level of consciousness and higher vibrations but also it helps in strengthening your “AURA”.
An Aura is an electro magnetic field which is around your physical body and it also helps you in
protecting against any bacterias, viruses, diseases and also from the natural and man made
calamity. Therefore, practicing meditation not only uplift the conscious level from within but it also
protects your physical body and well being. In precise, meditation helps you in building a healthy
and a sound Aura.

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