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SELECTING the right DJ is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your function. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music is not great, the function will not be the success it deserves to be.

There are many ways that you can use to search for that perfect DJ. The internet, friends, relatives or function venues may recommend someone that they have seen or used previously. They will all promise that the DJ will do a fantastic job for you – and some will do just that. However it is important to know that all DJs are not the same and will provide different levels of service and commitment to your function. So how do you pick the right DJ?

DJ Agencies

Give the impression of being the leaders of the industry by the use of high profile advertising. They have many DJs on their books with equipment predominantly owned by the agency. DJ Agencies concentrate on domestic functions and appear to be more interested in putting as many DJ’s as they can on the road, rather than striving to provide the best possible service and quality to the client.

In House DJs

Some function venues genuinely recommend various DJs that they have seen perform and know to be reliable to clients, or even organise a DJ on the client’s behalf as an added service. This is because they realise how important a good DJs’ contribution can be to the success of the function. They know that no matter how good their catering may be, a bad DJ can leave the client with an overall negative impression of the evening and the venue.

Night Club DJs

Have very little experience at functions and use very different techniques and programming styles to mobile DJ’s. Further, they often have to hire equipment, adding to their already inflated price due to their status as a “Club DJ”.

Mobile DJs

This includes many Freelance/Hobbyists as well as truly “Professional Mobile DJs”. Freelance and Hobbyist DJ’s may be keen, but do not usually have the music range to satisfy all clients, sufficient experience or professional equipment. These DJ’s are usually in the business only for a few years with the hope of making a “quick buck”.

True professional mobile DJs provide a totally professional experience, have a wide variety of music, sufficient experience to handle any situation, have back-up equipment and contingency plans in case of an unforseen event. They also have good connections in the industry and often work with other professionals like photographers, videographers, decorators and the function venues.

Now that you have a better understanding of various types of DJs, choose a DJ that offers a package that suits what you desire. Be careful not to become a victim of a price war in which you will be the casualty because you really “get what you pay for” in the entertainment industry. Think about it, if a DJ keeps dropping the price to get your business, they may not be the best choice as their main concern is to get your business while sacrificing quality and service. Most professionals rely on referral business and maintain a certain pricing standard. Many times it is worth that extra money to ensure you have a successful event and peace of mind. It is YOUR function, why take unnecessary chances when there are professional DJ’s who will take that extra step to offer an exceptional service and ensure that your function runs smoothly no matter what happens!!!

Here are a few questions you may want to ask a prospective disc jockey:

Do you have insurance?

ALL professional DJs will have insurance (public liability). If they don’t, you will be taking a huge risk if you hire a DJ without insurance. Some venues will also not allow DJs without insurance.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Any DJ you consider should be proud of his sound system and should be using professional-grade equipment. Most DJs understand that you are very unlikely to have a working knowledge of professional DJ equipment, but he should be able to describe his sound system to you. You should not hear very many “home audio” brands in what he describes – the top brands for DJ equipment are Pioneer, Denon, Traktor, Serato, Electro-Voice (EV), JBL, Bose, Mackie, Cerwin-Vega, RANE, QSC, and Shure.

How many years’ experience do you have?

An experienced DJ will have a better knowledge of music and will know how to rectify a situation if it arises at your function.

How will you be dressed?

If you are having a formal affair, do you want your DJ showing up in jeans? Let the Dj know about the dress code.

Will you allow requests?

A good flexible DJ will allow request and keep you and your guests happy.

Do you offer a written contract?

Helps avoid potential disputes as to your and the DJ’s obligations. Professional DJs will offer you a written contract with full details about their service, insurance, terms and conditions.

Can you provide me with some referrals?

Ask the DJ for referrals from someone within the industry or a previous clients. Never hire a DJ based on testimonials published online as most of these are fake or written by one of their associates.

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