WE have seen superheroes in capes or iron suits, we have watched them fight evil, and we have seen them fly like birds as fast as a plane or run with incredible speed on the road. We have watched them save the day. These are among the most iconic acts of every popular superhero we have seen onscreen. Lately we have seen how Deadpool was able to find his purpose after a terrible accident. We have seen how Batman was able to overcome his hatred over Superman. We have also seen how Captain America and Iron Man broke their friendship and fought against each other. Yet, we could watch every movie about them and cannot help but notice the similarity they share.

Every superhero movie, regardless how well executed, will stay fictitious. All these superheroes when they shed their costumes and props behind the camera, come out as Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Wade Washes, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans and Robert Downy Jr. They play their act well and get adored by the fans.

While superhero films stay in the realm of fiction, we can’t stop believing in the superheroes we have in our reality. Who may these persons be? Are they wearing capes? Do they crawl on walls? Do they fly above skyscrapers in highly mechanized iron suits? As far as these ideas kindle imagination, we’d like to believe that superheroes exist in our daily lives. If we don’t recognize them, perhaps we must learn to look closely to discover that they are just in our midst.

Real life superheroes don’t have to wear capes. Instead, they wear stethoscopes in hospitals, suits in courts, and bulletproof vests on the field. They may not be filthy rich, but they do earn a living by teaching in schools and lending books in a library. They may not carry armours but they may carry sacks of rice after a day’s fruitage to transport them to a local market so that the people in the community can get something to eat. They may be the ones who prefer to wear aprons instead while cooking the favourite dish of their sons and daughters.

Nurses, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, firemen, farmers, teachers, mothers, fathers, policemen, engineers, journalists, thespians, writers and many others are among the real life superheroes which we should be grateful to have in this world. These are among the countless professions that are practised by competent and brave individuals who actually make our world a better place to live in.

On Saturday, 4th November 2017, it was the official launch and fundraising dinner of “Simply Human Inc. – SuperHeroes without Capes”. The event was in support with Schoolgoers and recognised a few such real life superheroes.

The event kicked off with paying homage to the traditional owners of the land by the Founder & President of Simply Human Inc – Ms Prerna Pahwa. Prerna then introduced  & announced the team members of Simply Human Inc to the public – Ms Harprit Kaur (Secretary), Mr Anjaneya Reddy Basupalli (Treasurer), Ms Kritika Bansal (Joint Secretary), Mr Deepak Bhandari (PRO), Mrs Samika Bhandari (Women Welfare Advisor), Mr Allan John (Head of Digital Marketing & Communications), Ms Hansha Pahwa (Campaign & Strategy Advisor), Mr Ash Nugent (Mentor & Advisor), Mr Ujwal Poudel (Youth Brand Ambassador), Mr Romit Shah (Brand Ambassador), Mr Ash Raina (Brand Ambassador), Mrs Alpana Shah (Brand Ambassador), Ms Hridaya Buddhavarapu (Brand Ambassador), Mr Bipin Karki (Youth Representative Nepalese Community), Ms Khushboo Malhotra (Student Counsellor), Ms Jessica Saranah (Student Counsellor).

Raffle prizes were donated by Mr Duncan Pegg – MP for Stretton, Cr  Charles Strunk – Forrest Lake Ward, Cr Kim Marx – Runcorn Ward and Dundee Kim – Director of Dundee Kim Boxing & Fitness.  Special gift hamper was donated by Cr Charles Strunk, to the youngest cancer fighter Anmol – who is a 5 year old battling against lymphoma cancer.

There were inspirational speakers, the event came together beautifully and as expected a wonderful display of human kindness and selfless contributions. Nonetheless, it was also mentioned that the event would not have been possible without the generosity of Skills Institute Australia, InTech Institute of Technology, Expert Education & Visa Services Brisbane, ASC Services, Galaxy Impex Group, Mars Hybrid TV, Expert Telechoice, The Royal Punjab Restaurant, Swades Foods, Oceania Immigration Advisory, Brisbane Indian Times, Australian Indian Radio, Knowledge Partner Professionals, Mr. Parnam Singh Heir and audiences who turned up in huge numbers.

The night was to celebrate unsung heroes and we had the opportunity to hear from the most inspiring ‘Unsung Heroes’ of our community. They graced the occasion by sharing a few words with us. Simply Human Inc., as an organisation took the opportunity to felicitate these gems on the night. We had Keynote speakers from different walks of life who have fought their own battles, overcame their weaknesses with sheer determination and courage, and are now making this side of our world a better place to live.

  • Belinda Adams, an advocate for those affected by brain injury and volunteers for Synpase (formerly Brain Injury Association of QLD), a not for profit, providing vital information and services for those affected by brain injury. In 2014 in recognition of her work Synapse made Belinda an official ambassador for the cause.
  • Christine Mudavanhu, an entrepreneur, advocate, public speaker and mentor. She is the founder of “Pick Up Australia”, a premium, supported transport service for people with disability. She has designed and delivered policy and program responses that support key human services areas of homelessness, domestic and family violence, procurement of social services and the reduction of red tape for social services.
  • Eleni Seitis, has set up the organisation “Oasis Children and Community Foundation. She works towards helping and provide therapy to children with special needs.  She is a true inspiration to the community who herself despite being born 90% legally blind is working towards helping others.
  • Janelle Miles, a long term reporter/journalist in the Queensland community, she has worked at the Courier Mail for 11 years mostly reporting on science, sports and health. She also writes news stories and has won series of awards for her reporting.
  • Sergeant Jim Bellows, the recipient of both the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and the Australian Police Medal for ‘Services to Multicultural Communities’. He has also been recognised at the “Queensland of the Year” awards twice. He has consistently demonstrated his capability to build opportunities and celebrates diversity, not just as a police officer but more broadly as an Ambassador of the Queensland Government.
  • Dundee Kim, director of Dundee Kim Boxing & fitness, and strengthening & conditioning coach of the world boxing champion Jeff Horn. He also trains autistic kids to help them gain focus and strength.

All these Superheroes without capes were the keynote speakers for the evening and were honoured with ‘Unsung Hero Award 2017’ by Simply Human Inc. They shared their inspirational and heart touching life stories; which left the audiences teary eyed.

The honourable guests and community leaders studded the evening with their humble presence and generous contribution.

We also had the Directors of Schoolgoers, Ash Nugent and Daksha on the night, who have founded the charity “Schoolgoers” aiming at providing education to the most unprivileged and remote regions in India. The fundraising event was to support Schoolgoers. Ash, the Founder & Director of Schoolgoers along with Daksha gave a brief overview of their mission on the night.

The evening was decorated by “Dream Style Decorators” who did complete justice to the venue. The event was voluntarily hosted by Himmy Kumar and he truly kept all the audience glued to their seats with his great sense of humour and built the moment for every performer and speech on the night. Another display of community support was with the wonderful performers we had on the night like the Brisbane’s famous Belly dancer, Nerrisa; Mr Gurdeep Singh Nijjar’s crew of Punjabi Folk & Bhangra dance – ‘Sher-e-Punjab’; kids who stunned the crowd with Jazz and contemporary dancing from ‘Seriously Dance’ dance school, Kids who performed on Bollywood tunes from ‘Let’s Bollywood’ dance school and above all, our very own & loved Lee Herron, who made everyone awestruck with his beautiful voice of Elvis Presley.

Food as usual was an integral part of the event and a mouth-watering three course delicious Indian dinner was provided by our official caterer and food sponsor, Curry Box (Camp Hill). Couple of entrees and dessert items were sponsored by Mahendra Indian Restaurant (Acacia Ridge). Everyone had a happy belly after the yummy Indian curries and desserts.

The event overall ended with good vibes, inspiring words and memorable night. The official launch of ‘Simply Human Inc. – Superheroes Without Capes’ and fundraising event in support of ‘Schoolgoers’ was a huge success.

Simply Human Inc’s team members believe that there is a superhero inside everyone, you just need to recognise your super powers and help anyone in need. Simply Human Inc’s aim is to not focus on numbers, we believe in taking one step at a time, helping one person at a time, the pure intention is to just make a difference. The team of Simply Human Inc; the league of superheroes without capes is ready to provide continued support to cancer/leukaemia fighters & be the guiding light of the youth and international students.

To know more, be a part of the change and join the league, contact Simply Human team at www.SimplyHuman.org.au, who always look forward for like-minded people to be a part of their journey.

Life’s difficulties are opportunities to be a super hero; Embrace your inner Superhero and stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.


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