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A COUPLE of months ago a few young minds came together and decided to make a short movie as a social awareness project called ‘Break Free’ and present it on International Social Awareness forum called Global Dialogues. The review committee, made up of 16 judges from 12 countries determined that the short video was the winner of the Eurasia Pacific Region in the Video Challenge.
The Competition: The Global Dialogues Video Challenges are an innovative, intercreative approach to making short YouTube films on global social issues. Here’s how it works: We produce the beginning of a short film and post it to YouTube. Then, young people across the world compete with one another by creating and uploading videos that continue and finish the story. Participants are asked to make videos that reflect their
vision of a better world, helping characters in the film to find positive solutions to the problems they face.
The Cause: Sexual Harassment at workplace is a very under- rated issues i.e., statistically it happens a lot but not many cases are actually reported. This means that the our workplaces don’t do enough to ensure that our staff feel safe or are given enough assistance to deal with this issues. This challenge is interesting as the victim is not part of the workplace yet but finds her own way to deal with her demons inside to tackle
her fears.
Background: The main character could not talk to anyone about what she was going through after the interview and cuts herself off from friends and family. She gets some inspiration and paints her feelings on canvas. She calls this painting ‘Break Free’ which gets viral overnight with the hashtags #WomanofMerit OR #WomanofAbuse.
After this she get’s a lot of support from people around the world who relate to ‘Break Free’. She then gets ready to for the meeting at 9pm and what happens after that..well have a look for yourself!
The Awesome team: Actors: Pawan Kahlon (Lead Actress), Prasanjit Das (Negative Role), Kritika Bansal & Rigel Pandit (New interviewers in the end) Awesome Painting Created by Crystal Jade Harwood Story: Allan John, Rigel Pandit & Prasanjit Das, Sayli Ghorpade & Kritika Bansal Directed by: Allan John & Rigel Pandit
Screen Play: Allan John Cinematography: Allan John Video Production & Editing: Allan John
Sexual harassment at workplace is a major concern across the globe and I’m glad people are not shying away from talking about it. Today you could be student but tomorrow you will enter a workplace. Also, let’s
not forget sexual harassment at workplace is not just on females. It can be both ways and there are cases where male victims had to go to court to prove their innocence.
Law/ Society should not look at there cases with the same eye. Harassment of any kind it unacceptable. It is not only a video clip but a wake up call for everyone out there who are quiet about abuse. Speak up, fight
back, you’re not alone. Be the change you want to see. Break Free!

Poem which was Used in the Video – ‘Break Free’
I’m Scared but not Defeated.
A bit lost but undeterred!
It’s really up to me to tear out of my plight..
no support yet but i’m ready to fight!
My colors will tell a story to the pure,
But they will prick the corrupt for sure.
Check out the winning video:


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