Courtesy Reena Augustine

On Saturday, 21st May, Red Carpet Functions (RCF) joined Friends with Dignity in their mission to spread awareness for the 2017 “Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month”. Friends With Dignity is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to men, women and children affected by domestic violence. In honor of this month, the organization presented the “High Tea With Friends” event, with a purpose to notify the community of the dangers associated with domestic violence, encouraging people to seek help in the face of such situations.
RCF is an organization that promotes unity among Brisbane’s diverse communities. It has participated in numerous charity functions and fundraisers, and raised awareness for causes with a similarly serious nature. RCF had arranged the entertainment for this event by organizing a multicultural fashion show. Since 2015, RCF has built itself a reputation for providing a platform to represent different cultures, allowing people to come together in appreciation of their unique traditional attire and customs.Models of all statures, genders and ages were welcomed to take part in the show. Each model represented their individual country, and a total of 17 countries were present, including, but not limited to: Brazil, Japan, China, Pakistan, Australia, France, Mexico, Fiji and India.This fashion show also featured the works of up-and-coming designers, including creations by talented and aspiring university students. 6 different clothing brands (Swank It, Kimono Brisbane, Preethi Jewelers, Raven Clan, and Own Brand Fashion) showed their support for this event, and provided their collections to be displayed on the catwalk.
The event was a huge success, with both attendants and participants alike being informed on the prevention of domestic violence, and people from all the different communities being brought together by the fashion show to support this cause.
RCF is often affiliated with charity organizations, and we aim to improve the community in any way possible, either through supporting serious issues or promoting togetherness among different cultural groups. If you are interested in showing your support to the community, we can give you different opportunities to do so in our upcoming events. Our biggest event is our annual Multicultural Fashion Show, held every October, and we aim to provide a platform for all designers, models, performers and artists who wish to display their talents to a larger audience, and promote a greater appreciation for the different countries that make up Brisbane.
For more information regarding Red Carpet Functions and their numerous multicultural events, contact Reena Augustine, founder of the group, via email :


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