Supreme Bliss is Self-realization

The content of this article is taken from the satsang of H. H. Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji. Swami Vivekananda addressed the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in September 1893. Hundred years after him, Pujya Bapu Ji addressed the same Parliament in September 1993. To awaken the cultural pride of India and to save the youth who are being ruined due to the lustful festivals like valentine’s day, in 2007 Pujya Bapu Ji initiated celebrations of Matri-Pitri Pujan Diwas (Parents worship day) on 14th February. Bapu Ji was aggrieved to see that people are being alienated from Lord Ram in Lord Ram’s country, so he stoutly resisted the forces of conversion. Through his religious discourse, Pujya Bapu Ji always explained the spiritual and scientific significance of tulsi (basil) plant and argued countrymen to grow tulsi plants in every house. To save the countrymen from mental slavery and to redirect them from following unacquainted, to a beneficial direction, in 2013 Pujya Bapu Ji initiated the celebration of tulsi pooja on 25th December. Pujya Bapu Ji has always emphasized the necessity to follow rich Indian culture and always said that it is only the Indian culture and Sanatana dharma which can give the world happiness & peace.

Irrespective of how much wealth you accumulate, how much power you acquire, how many celestial beauties serve you, or whatever things you gain, they can be at best suppress your thirst for true happiness, but not quench it. Not withstanding how much material pleasure one has in his life, the thirst for the bliss of Self-realisation remains hidden within everyone.  Even after attaining enormous wealth, a most agreeable spouse, great name and fame, you will still strive to be happier. So, that Supreme Bliss is Self-Realisation! The day on which you attain Supreme Bliss, Absolute Knowledge, and experience of the infinite power through the union of your self with the Supreme Brahman (Self) is known as Self-realisation day. This can not be expressed in words, (it is indescribable).

Ramakrishna Paramahansa attained Self-realisation by the grace of his Guru Totapuri Ji and he was completely lost for three days in that supremely blissful state. When I attained Self-realisation, I remained absorbed in That for two and half days. Even three minutes of that experience shall free one from the cycle of birth and death forever. It is like, you saw the sun for three seconds and I saw it for thirty seconds reflecting thereon. But in both cases the sun is verily the same.  Of course, sun gazing is harmful to the naked eyes; but, to attain the supreme goal of human life by forging unity with the Supreme Brahman ( Supreme Self) who lends brightness to the sun and in the moon, fragrance to the earth, and sapidity to water is called Self-realisation.

In the Golden Era of Sata Yuga, numerous great men would attain Self-realisation. It is mentioned in the ‘Shrimad Bhagawata’ that most people in the Sata Yuga were equanimous and Self-realized, while the rest would remain dedicatedly engaged in the Sadhana to realize their True Self.

Hence, there was no need for temples, mosques, and churches. These did not exist. In Sata Yuga, people were pure (Sattvik) in intellect apart from being pious and righteous in conduct; they always spoke the truth and recognised Brahmajnani (Self-realized) Gurus. So, they were able to assimilate the spiritual instructions of Brahmajnanis.

Then, times changed. Sattwa Guna was diminished by Rajo Guna, and with a further passage of time, there was preponderance of Tamo Guna. Many persons would become self-styled Brahmajnanis, while many individuals would lose balance of their mind in their attempt to judge the actual Brahmajnanis by their respective criteria. At this juncture, the wise Brahmajnanis came to the conclusion that with the change in times the preponderance of Rajo and Tamo Guna has made people’s intellect body-centric and incapable of recognising the essential nature of the real Brahmajnanis living in the physical world. The loss of that pure intellect is best corroborated in the following words of Lord Krishna:

‘Among thousands of men, scarcely one strives for perfection; and of those who strive and succeed, scarcely one knows Me in truth.’ (The Gita:7.3)

Numerous people become religious minded, but only some rare souls strive towards attaining purity of heart and soul as well as the wealth of Sattwa (moral excellence); and out of those rare souls, scarcely one strives for perfection. And of those exceptional ones who achieve perfection, hardly one attains realisation of My essential nature, the Supreme Self. Some devotees do get a vision of Lord Rama, but in order to know Rama in truth through the realisation of the essential nature of Lord Rama, Lord Hanumana served Him for so many years despite being a master of eight occult powers and nine riches, and he could experience Self-satiation through Self- realisation only when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya and being greatly pleased with him instructed him on Tattva Jnana ( Essential Knowledge). The divine grace of God- realisation is not available to living humans in any religion other than the Vedic culture. One of those religions ventured to grasp the teachings of our Vedic culture and a due assimilation there of brought Sufism into existence. Mansur attained Self-realisation through it, but he was strongly opposed by the fanatics. Even Socrates attained Self-realisation, but he was administered poison by his opponents. In India, however, we still have a great deal of pure insight, sublime sentiments, and proper penetration to recognize men of Self-realisation.

“The Darshan, the Blessed Vision of the Brahmajnani, is obtained by great good fortune. To the Brahmajnani, I make my life a sacrifice. Who can describe the limits of the Brahmajnani? Only a Brahmajnani can know the state of the Brahmajnani.”

Who could have dared to equal Arjuna in those times who did not only visit heaven and obtain the divine weapons, but also had the backbone to refuse the amorous invitations made by Urvashi, the most beautiful celestial damsel? He remained steadfast in self-restraint. Arjuna was thus cursed by her that he would have to lead the life of a eunuch for one year if he did not accede to her proposal. Arjuna said,  “ It does not matter.” Such an icon of continence, Arjuna – whose chariot was driven by Lord Krishna – had to suffer from despondency on account of not having realised the Truth. Arjuna is left terrified after having the vision of the cosmic form of Lord Krishna. It’s only when Arjuna opens up his heart to Lord Krishna’s overflowing grace that he attains Self-realisation, and says, “Destroyed is my delusion, as I have now gained my memory (Knowledge) by your grace.”

It’s such an auspicious day! What a supremely divine experience! The sorrows of one, whose charioteer was Lord Krishna, did not end before attaining the realisation of the Truth. Though he was seeing Lord Krishna, his ignorance was not dispelled.

Once, Uddhava humbly put forth a query to Lord Krishna, “Lord, what is the greatest task in this world? Like I am seeing Lord Krishna, Hanuman had Darshan of Lord Rama… this is a great achievement in itself; but is there any task (feat) even greater than this? What is the greatest feat?”

In the 11th canto of the Bhagwata Purana, Lord Krishna says,” To consider the body as “I” and to take this world for real is the nature of the unenlightened. To consider the Self as “I” and to behold the Supreme Self as one’s own being the nature of the  Jnani ( enlightened one).” Heroism lies in conquering one’s nature. To attain realisation of the Supreme Self while living in the body is the greatest heroism, supreme valour. Thus, the same Consciousness that shines in Lord Krishna, gives the bliss of samadhi to Lord Shiva, emerges as the Primal Energy in the divine Mother (Jagadamba), does verily impart knowledge through Supremely Revered Lilashah Ji Bapu and gets revealed in the heart of Asharam. This event is called Self-realisation.

I congratulate all of you even on behalf of my Gurudev as His wish to get a qualified aspirant who could imbibe His divine experience was fulfilled. That sacred day had come by the Guru’s grace and the religious merits of your virtuous people.

“The time was 2.30 in the afternoon on the second day of the bright fortnight of the months of Aasoj (Aashwin) in the year 2021 (as per the Hindu calendar) when God met me God. All bodies (five sheaths) became unreal and the world worthless when the Self was realised.”

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