The Sangam Association of Queensland revives the community engagement

The Sangam Association of Queensland revives the community engagement bMaathar Sangam group successfully held a meet-and-greet event on 19 November 2023.

The group are on Facebook. Women and girls in the community are encouraged to join the group. The group meets periodically and holds cultural, educational, and social activities.

A very successful seniors’ gathering was organised on 8 December 2023. It was a lunch gathering with lots of food, fun, activities, kava and talanoa! Due to its success, it is planned to hold such gatherings of seniors regularly.

Relocation of the temple project, -The MC has received quotes from several real estate agents on the value of the current premises. It is estimated between $600000 to $700000. The MC has asked the real-estate agents for potential land areas where the temple could be relocated.

The Sangam Association of Queensland revives the community engagement aAs agreed at the last AGM, once these quotes have been received, the MC, in discussion with the Temple Relocation Committee (made up of ordinary members and MC representatives), will call an SGM to seek the decision of the members.

An annual pooja is planned to be held over 2-3 days. It would be held either in May or September. The venue would most likely be the Oxley Show Grounds. Other than walking on fire, the community can have all other activities, including Tirukuttu, food stalls, playing our traditional instruments, and offering prayers.

The Sangam Association of Queensland revives the community engagementAs part of the efforts to have a greater engagement of the community members in the association, the MC plans to organise meetings with our community members in groups.

This is to establish groups representing the South, East, West and North sides of Brisbane. The groups will have a representative chosen who could become ad hoc members of the MC.

This would allow the flow of information between the community and the MC and vice versa. Moreover, the different groups can take turns and look after the temple premises.

The current Management Committee is made up of Reena Naidu, Treasurer: 0407589769; Shiri Raju: Secretary: 0452001662, Raghwan: President:0432219454 Saroja Chandra:0432035202 Ashok Gounder, Vice President:0402378853 Ashwin Permal:0455662700, Neelam Naidu:0423488872 and Aman Kumar: 0431200108

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