THE Tuesday Ramayana group has been holding Ramayana recital at Gayatri Mandir, 178 Lyndhurst Road Boondall since 1991, the prayer group meets every Tuesday without fail, rain hail or shine. Until last year Master Jhinku Prasad has been the preacher of Ramayana for the Tuesday Prayer group. He is currently undergoing medical treatment and young Alpesh Pramar has taken on the reins.

The specialty of this group is that they mainly concentrate on Ramayana recital at Gayatri Mandir and very seldom will they go out to private residences. The group is not run like a traditional Ramayan Mandali. Everyone is equal, funds are not collected and all or any collection goes to the Mandir. The group’s main aim is the preaching of the Ramayana, and in doing so they have completed Ramayana now for the fourth time.

In a traditional ceremony the reading of the last page is done by Mandali other than the group and this time round the final reading was done by Diva Jyothi Jagrathi Sansthan, with Sanjeev Sharma as the main preacher for the night. The pooja ceremony was conducted by Pundit Sanat Pandey. Pundit Praveen Shandil, Pundit Satya Narayan, Pundit Suresh Shandil were also present.

The program began with the main pooja, followed by Ramayana recital, Hawan Shanti Path, bhajans and mahaprasad dinner. All members contributed to the cost of the dinner.

Umesh Chandra gave a brief history of the group, and thanked all the members for their dedication and passion. He also thanked Gayatri Mandir committee for allowing the group to meet and conduct the prayers at Gayatri Mandir. He specially acknowledged Master Jhinku Prasad for his tireless contribution over the years and also remembered late Mr Madhuvan Krishnan. The current active members are Master Jhinku Prasad, Nagendra Prasad, Raj and Mohini Prasad, Deo and Kamala Chand, Alpesh Parmar, Mrs Anita Singh, Mrs Nirmala Krishnan, Umesh and Usha Chandra.

Mrs Anita Singh facilitated the cooking with Mrs Premilla Singh. The group has now began the reading of Ramayana for the fifth time everyone is welcome to take part every Tuesday from 7pm at Gayatri Mandir, 178 Lyndhurst Road, Boondall.


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