NORTH Mclean, Vishnu Maya Mandir continues to make significant progress with a very ambitious (Vishal) Mandir project situated at 86 Scott Lane, North McLean. The project has come a long way with the completion of the exterior walls. The challenge now is to get the roof on and donors are being sought for this mammoth task.

The project under the guide full eyes of Dharam Guru Tripathi ji has progressed thus far. The amazing contribution of volunteers like Deepak Kumar, Hemant and Kalpana Naik, Bharat Solanki, Dhiru Bhai Desai and many others who quietly work behind the scenes is recognised. Many volunteers tirelessly offer their services, be it for cooking, organising pooja, singing bhajans, preparing marketing material for all upcoming functions.

The works progressed from accruing the land to seeking the building approval, then the ground works, footings and piers, the pouring of the large floor slab, erecting the side walls, land fill with associated earth works and plumbing works.

Every Sunday the weekly Bhandara takes place from 4pm onwards, the Bhajan recital is by many local and emerging artists followed by the very insightful religious discourse by Dharam Guru Tripathi Ji. Weekly Bhandara dinners are sponsored by separate devotees.

Under the spiritual guidance of Dharam Guru Tripathi ji all volunteers all the volunteers have made their valuable contributions of their time and resources. Monetary and in kind donations have enabled the project to fruition without a traditional committee structure, which has been a blessing as there is no power struggle for position. According to Dharam Guru Tripathi Ji a temple thrives on devotion, strong religious belief, selfless service and conviction minus egos. Any devotee going to any place of worship is not interested in who the president is or who is in the committee, a devotee’s connection is with the supreme lord and his or her motive is spiritual liberation.

Dharam Guru Tripathi Ji says, this your Mandir please come forward and support the cause and take ownership with any official title, this will be the rue path to spiritual liberation. All upcoming functions of Vishnu Maya Mandir any be viewed at


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