Ramayana Sampurna Maha Yug and Bhandara at Gayatri Mandir Boondall


Ramayana Sampurna Maha Yug and Bhandara
Ramayana Sampurna

The Tuesday Ramayana Group of Gayatri Mandir Boondall completed the Ramayana recital for the fifth time since they began the Tuesday Night Ramayan recitals. A unique Maha Yug and Bhandara is traditionally organised when the last verses are read.On Tuesday, the ninth of January, this religious ritual was completed; it was a wonderful gathering of prominent Brisbane-based Hindu Priests, past Presidents, and community members. The event began with a special pooja By Umesh and Usha Chandra (Bhandara sponsors), followed by a special pooja by Anit Ram – president of the Hindu Society of Queensland; pundit Sanat Pandey ji officiated both prayers.

Ramayana Sampurna Maha Yug at Gayatri Mandir Boondall
Ramayana Sampurna Maha Yug at Gayatri Mandir Boondall

After the poojas, the Tuesday Ramayana group as per usual, recited Hanuman Chalisa, after which Siva Sri Gangadhara Gurrukal of Brisbane Shree Durga Temple honoured all attending Priests with Chandan, Tilak and shawl of honour.

Gayatri Mandir Boondall
Ramayana Sampurna Maha Yug at Gayatri Mandir Boondall

Pundit Sanat Pandey ji conducted the special Hawan, and all priests took part in the Hawan; this was a historic moment. After the Purna Ahothi (conclusion) of Hawan, Tuesday Ramayan Group recited the last verses of Ramamayna. Pracharak Shree Alpesh Parmar Ji has been the main “Vyash” narrator of Ramayan since the passing away of Master Jhinku Prasad Ji. The group is privileged to have Shree Alpesh Parmar ji as the Pracharak; he is well-versed in Ramayana and other Hindu scriptures and has an excellent command of Hindi.

Ramayana Sampurna Maha Yug and Bhandara at Gayatri Mandir BoondallFollowing Ramayana, all past presidents in attendance and otherwise were acknowledged by Mrs Usha Chandra. President Anit Ram spoke on the occasion and thanked the Tuesday Ramayana group for their ongoing commitment since inception. The second speaker was Pundit Sanat Pandey ji, who also congratulated the Tuesday Ramayana Group and mentioned that it was Umesh and Usha Chandra’s wedding anniversary.

Bhandara at Gayatri Mandir
Bhandara at Gayatri Mandir

Umesh Chandra Delivered a vote of thanks and remembered the Late Madhavan Krishnan and Master Jhinku Prasad; he specially thanked the key members of Tuesday’s Ramayan Group – Deo Chand, Nagendra Prasad, Anita Singh, Rajendra Prasad, Raman Nair, Dipak, Alpesh Parmar, Madhu and Rakesh, Nirmala Krishnan.

Bhandara at Gayatri Mandir Boondall
Bhandara at Gayatri Mandir

After the aarathi and Shanti path, Mahaprasad (dinner) was served in the dining area. Overall, it is a very spiritually uplifting program.

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